The Cabinet Reshuffle Biggest Winner

Chris Hipkins is the biggest winner of John Key’s reshuffle.

Chippie must be thinking all his Christmases has come at once because Hekia Parata is still in place and he has her number.

He nailed her every time he asked questions in the house, and National’s backbench were cringing every time she stood up to speak. 

In opposition careers are built on delivering heads and John Key has put a head nicely on the block for Chippie to cut off.

The only problem for Key is that he has wedded his own credibility to hers. He has been somewhat cunning in signalling that Hekia Parata succeeds or falls on her performance over the next year…but he will lose develop some tarnish to his shine.


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  • Sym Gardiner

    However all Novopay questions will shift to Steven Joyce. So that will stop that issue. Foss is as bad as Hekia at not answering. That leaves National Standards and CHCH for Hekia to front. She better be able to get on top of those issues.

    • paddles83

      Like I have said before she is the Token Maori female in cabinet

  • Gazzaw

    JK would obviously have preferred to remove Hekia but internal politics have dictated otherwise & she has gained a years reprieve. It’s unfortunate but I’m sure that appropriate tactics will be devised to prevent any more easy victories for Hipkins in the debating chamber. Give the Nats some credit – they are no fools when it comes to the down and dirty stuff in the House.

    • parorchestia

      But Chippie performed very well on today’s Newstalk ZB show when up against Steven Joyce on the issue of Novapay. He is, damn it, very able.

  • Chippie nailing Parata in the house. You do that on purpose, don’t you? Yuck.

  • AnonWgtn

    Interesting to see Kaye promoted to assist Parata in Education with Novopay underJioyce
    She may well sort Hipkins out too in the house. One formidable lady – let’s see.
    Don’t laugh yet Hipkins.

  • “but he will lose develop some tarnish to his shine.”

    If I can be allowed to make sense of that; what shine?