The Dangers of Shafting Comrade Kate

John Key has manned up and axed a totally useless minister. Kate Wilkinson increased union membership and had the support of the opposition Labour spokeswoman, had pissed off business and managed to have a business run a public campaign against her because she was so useless.

The problem for John Key is his one seat majority. Kate holds her seat by 642 votes. If Kate decides that she has been humiliated and would be better leaving parliament, forcing a by-election, it is highly likely Clayton Cosgrove will win the seat. 

Kate leaving and Clayton winning the by-election means National lose a seat. Clayton moving from the list to an electorate seat means Labour get a replacement list MP, so Kate leaving could effectively be a two seat swing to Labour.

John Key better have a big bribe ready for the maoris.


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  • Meg

    According to Stuff, both Kate and Phil have told Key they will be staying on.

    • tarkwin

      What else could they do and still get this much money and perks? They’ll just pop out the back do nothing and take the money – basically no change.


        That’s nothing new for silent Phil, in Whangarei he’ invisible as well. Hopefully we’ll get a decent new MP next election.

  • thor42

    It’s a pity Key didn’t “man up” even more and axe Hopeless Hekia (and keep Nick Smith out). Both of them are *useless deadwood*.

    • Urban Redneck

      Parata, like Bennett are mouldi wimmin. The hollow men advisers who guide Key along tell him that Parata is GOOD for the National Party image. Yes, it is that superficial.

  • Pete George

    There’s another possibility if Wilkinson decides to go – National come up with a great candidate to stand against Cosgrove who demolishes him in the byelection (surely that wouldn’t be too difficult) and National end up with some fresh new talent in caucus.

  • In Vino Veritas

    A two seat swing towards a coalition run by the Greens and Winston. Along with of course, our erstwhile extremist, Harawira (and his mob of raving lunatics).

  • starboard

    Wilkinson..about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    • thor42

      Yeah, and the same can be said of Parata and Smith.

    • starboard

      ..and shes got that dyke look about her…is she a carpet muncher? She dresses like a bloke.

      • So what if she is.

        • starboard

          I hate dykes..especially ugly ones that look like blokes..

  • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

    This is a beat up. She’s a politician. They’re in it for the money. Dollar to a knob she will stick around

  • Marc Williams

    Nicky Wagner in Chch Central is also on a thin margin (47), so if Gerry and his Fletcher and Insurance chums don’t start to pull finger soon, the result for National could be a total annihilation next year. So far Wagner has been pretty effective at… well, doing fuck all since her election (Nicky who?), and it’s not like things are looking good in the polls.

    • Meg

      I do not see National being annihilated next year (mores the pity) but they are looking less and less likey to be the Government.

  • Wallsingham

    The message is jobs, housing, education, health, prison reform and national security. Did I mention jobs?