The Hobbit continues to give, and Labour wanted it gone

The Hobbit continues to give to New Zealand:

Travel websites have reported significant growth in searches and bookings for New Zealand this month, after the worldwide release of The Hobbit.

The flight search website Sky recorded a 102 per cent increase in worldwide searches for flights to New Zealand this month compared with December 2011, including a 117 per cent spike in searches for flights to Wellington.

The foreign currency exchange group Travelex has reported a 26 per cent increase in pre-orders for New Zealand dollars compared with December 2011.

Air New Zealand bookings from the United States were reported to have nearly doubled on the day before the November 28 world premiere in Wellington, and increased by a third in Japan after a Hobbit promotion there.

The Hobbit hypocrites in Labour and Helen Kelly of the CTU never wanted this movie made here. They opposed incentives and criticised the government…instead they fawn all over Kim Dotcom who hasn’t added anything to this economy.

Helen Kelly should be apologising to New Zealand, not preparing her self to take over Annette King’s seat.

On top of that Labour should stop sledging John Key in his role of Tourism Minister because this is the result of his direct efforts.