The honest truth about politicians

The honest truth about politicians is that they tell lies:

This is not an ideological argument about the moral advantages of a smaller state: it is simple economic necessity. As the man said, there’s no money left. And the only ways that anybody can think of for the state to get more of it are either futile (taxing the “rich”) or destructive of any possibility of recovery (more borrowing). What began as a banking collapse has turned into a crisis of democratic politics. Is this what we have to look forward to? The process of campaigning and voting will be an irrelevance: all parties will tell pretty much the same lies. Whichever one is marginally more credible than the others will gain power (probably in coalition with another bunch of liars), and then have to do what needs to be done in whatever desperate, underhand ways it can devise. Nobody will feel that he got what he voted for, because what he voted for was impossible.

Sad but true…especially in an MMP environment.

The very necessity of coalition politics and the system that is MMP means that we will never again elect a government that keeps their promises. They will have mitigate and compromise in order to gain power, and in doing so will have to “lie” to the electorate and leave promises broken and unfulfilled.

The very system that people thought would free us from the tyranny of the politicians has in fact enslaved us and delivered up the most consummate of liars…the List MP, a creature of the party, answerable not to the electorate but to the party bosses.

Bonus video: Queen – Liar


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  • The scary thought is the day Labour has to rely on the Greens for a third of their seats. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen at the 2014 election but if not it is likely to happen at the 2017 one.

    Who knows what hair brained scheme the loon Russel Norman will force a left coalition into.

    I believe that will be the day my wife and I will finally move to Australia. Pitty you can’t note that as the reason on your departure card.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      They complain about people moving to Australia now, I can’t wait to rub it back into them when everyone else leaves

  • Jaffa

    If they didn’t tell lies, they wouldn’t get elected.
    They have to promise us lower taxes, and more benefits, (how does that work?)
    And when they have spent all our taxes, borrowed as much as they can, and we still want more, what then?
    Sell our assets!
    And we still want more, and will only vote for the ones that promise more, what then?
    And who do you blame for this situation?

    • Hazards001

      You blame the self righteous self serving pricks that ticked the MMP box the 1st time around then ticked it again the last time that’s who! We had an opportunity to get out of this mess and it was pissed away. And lowering the threshold to get in will only make it worse.