The Huddle


I was on The Huddle with Larry Williams and Josie Pagani last night

Our topic was:

  • David Shearer gets real about what 300 thousand can buy in terms of a house in Auckland. Josie and I get stroppy. Listen after the break.

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  • JeffDaRef

    Disappointed Whale you didnt get really stuck into Josie asking what has changed in a month since it was announced, why the big backtrack?

    Shearer was absolutely adamant he could build houses for $300k when it was announced…who is out there putting the acid on him to back that up?

    Campbell Live?? haha yeah right….

    What happens when Labour’s consituency find themselves overcommitted and cant pay the bills? Will there be more handouts to prop them up?

    With all these new homeowners/ratepayers who will find out just what it means to own a home, will there be pressure put on Red Len and his mates to get rates in check? Or just more handouts to help pay them?

    See this link to the “Factsheet” about it – all through the document are referrals to “HOMES” and “HOUSES”, theres even an example of a lovely little house.
    God help us if these muppets are given the keys to the country…

  • AnonWgtn

    The inability to pay the mortgage in USA was forced on the poor (mainly Black Americans and Hispanics) by legislation of the Clinton democrats that no Mortgage Company (mainly Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae initially) could not NOT give a mortgage.
    When they said they didi not have enough money to do this they were told to go borrow from the Banks.
    This was forced upon Clinton primarily by the Senator from Illinois in support of his constituants in Chicago – one Barack Hussein Obama.
    It was called Sub Prime Morgtgages.
    This was one of the creations of the US economy and World Monetary collapse.

    • stinkeye3

      Is this true?

  • LabTested

    Link is not working, but if you type it in without the “.” Between “youtu” & “be” it is well worth a listen

  • Hazards001

    Build cheap houses and put them in the expensive areas to stop the ghettos forming? One of two things will happen:

    1) The affordable home will instantly rocket up in price when the lucky subsidised winner gets in it..or

    2) The ghetto mentality will slowly kick in and the tagging and robberies will take off in those areas forcing the price of property down in an exponential spiral thus creating more affordable homes and fulfilling the Liabour Prophecy.

    Personally I’m picking # 1 as most likely.