The Mainland doesn’t want the Green Taliban

The Rainbow Warrior’s begging and job-destroying tour of New Zealand has hit a little snag as they head south.

Their past misbehaviour has come back to bite them in the backside as they try to get into Lyttelton:

“The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior III has cancelled its visit to Southland amid difficulties over negotiations to use the Lyttelton dry-dock for maintenance.

Greenpeace cancelled the ship’s visit to Stewart Island and Bluff, scheduled for next week, because of maintenance it needs before visiting the Sub-Antarctic Islands.

The group has said the preferred port for the work would be Lyttelton, but it has not been confirmed the ship can use the dry dock there.

The Southland Times understands negotiations over using the dry dock have been complicated by Greenpeace’s blockade of the port in March 2008. Activists on board the Rainbow Warrior II – the predecessor to the current boat – prevented the ship Hellenic Sea, carrying 60,000 tonnes of coal, from leaving port on March 25, 2008. 

The Port of Lyttelton confirmed it was in talks with Greenpeace over using the port, but would not comment further.

Greenpeace campaign director Carmen Gravatt said it had not been told the Rainbow Warrior could not visit.

“We’re hoping to be in Lyttelton in the next few days, and are talking to the port about the details right now. The last time we heard from them, they certainly didn’t say we can’t come in.””

Good on the Mainlanders, readers will remember my earlier post when an Invercargill civic leader let them know that they wouldn’t be welcome in the deep South.


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  • williamabong

    Cue total outrage, with much wailing and moaning in every media outlet that buys into the sob stories, they should be just about ready to pull the “but we’re just a poor charity trying to save the earth” line, and watch the gullible media suck it down faster than Micheal Williams can suck down a litre of vodka.

    Perhaps they will now work out nobody actually wants them, best thing to do now would be fill the fucking thing with their supporters, take it 20 miles out to sea and sink it.

    • Lofty

      200 miles is better Billybong me 20 there is a risk they will float ashore.
      Mind you who gets a go at the jawbones if they did? ;-)

      • williamabong

        Yep 200 is way much better, even the strongest lentil muncher would struggle at that,

  • Tom

    Hah! Good job!

    It would be excellent if every other port in NZ told them to just fuck off too.

    Wouldn’t be hard to trespass some of the core fools as well, they do after all have a record of ruining schedules, occupying ships etc. Persona non grata, see ya later you smelly bastards.

  • GregM

    Hahahaha! Ain’t karma a bitch.
    Repeatedly disrupt a lawful business and then expect them to want to play ball?
    I agree with Tom, tell ’em to fuck off.

  • tarkwin

    Should be the standard response from all New Zealanders. Piss off you tie-dyed lettuce munching un-washed bludging rope head thieving lying Green voting wankers. And take Russel, Lucy and Robyn with you.

    • blokeintakapuna

      you forgot “yogurt-weaving, crystal spinners” also…

      Just sayin’

      • tarkwin

        Bit slow on it today Bloke, too busy laughing.

  • Cadwallader

    Wonderful! You couldn’t make this stuff up! Can’t stop grinning.

  • Red

    Good work Port of Lyttleton….. The hairy handwringers got a similar reception down south at the weekend…. all 50 of them….

  • yeah well the left always rely on people having short memories. This time someone somewhere remembered they they are a pack of snivelling hippies.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “We’re hoping to be in Lyttelton in the next few days, and are talking to
    the port about the details right now. The last time we heard from them,
    they certainly didn’t say we can’t come in.””

    Well they bloody well should. It would be a good fundraising opportunity for the port, auction off the rights to tell them to Fuck Off.

  • Hang him

    In the ODT the other day they can’t get into Dunedin either because it is to tall, O dear how sad.

  • cows4me

    They better not come to Taranaki, Shell will stick an oil derrick on their deck and drill a hole in the fucking thing.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Now is your chance Loopy Len. Invite Rainbow Warrior 3 back to Auckland, make them pay for Devonport dry dock and the extra money can be for your silly fucking train set

    • Dumrse

      Len doesn’t own the Devonport dock in fact I’m sure Navy and Babcock would tell Len to fuck off, much the same thing they would say to the green piece.

  • Dumrse

    Run it up the beach, do the work and get all your members to pull it off again.

  • J.M

    This is funny stuff. Serves the cunts right.

  • Patrick

    Issue the dickheads wiith a tresspass order at every NZ port they visit, we need to be rid of these communists.

  • AnonWgtn

    The Greenpeace New Zealand political branch led by Wussel Norman will put in legislation after 2014 to let then do anything they want.
    Labour will do anything to let Greenpeace get a further foothold and base in New Zealand for them to get power they crave.