The Michael Williams bully train rolls on, now he is hiring security guards

Phil Taylor at The Howick and Pakuranga Times has written another article about the bully boy tactics of Michael Williams.

Williams is trying to get rid of local stalwart Adele White from her position at Local Board Deputy Chair so he can install a person of his own choosing.

He is ignoring the will of the board who voted for Adele as Deputy and now in election year he is trying the petty politics as a way to prefer his mate Jim Donald ahead of the elections in November.

Monday night’s special meeting to demote or retain Adele White (Independent) as deputy-chair has been called by chairman Michael Williams (Citizens & Ratepayers), Wayne Huang (C&R), Steve Udy (C&R), Shirley Warren (C&R) and Jim Donald (Team Howickian), and is costing money – on the ratepayers. They have not explained themselves publicly, offering no comments. 

There is more to this story though. It seems that Michael Williams is afraid of the public backlash and in documents obtained by this blog it can be revealed that  he has arranged security guards to be in attendance. What on earth for?



Lawyers, staff from Democracy Services, staff from the CEO’s office…and security guards…I’m surprised Michael hasn’t called out the Home Guard, Fire Service and arranged for a couple of ambulances on standby. How much is all this costing in order to pander to the ego of a two bit flea local politician?

If we’re going to have security guards, we may as well have police to breathalyse the politicians first.

I am definitely going along to this bun fight…it promises to be highly entertaining.


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  • Dave

    Pass the popcorn!! Are you going as an individual for entertainment, as Whale to report proceedings on WOBH, or as the Editor of “The Truth”. Perhaps all three. Suggest you also take a photographer along for the picture on the front page, or a double page if its of Williams Ego.

    Also suggest you take your own Security Guard Cam! Would love to see the look on Williams face if you roll in with entourage in tow.

    They have also missed an opportunity, to call for Williams to resign if the vote goes against him. What a prat!

    • Al three. A voter, a blogger and an Editor

  • LesleyNZ

    Hope he is personally paying for bodyguards. He must be scared of the locals! You gotta go to the meeting Cameron along with the local Whale Army loyalists who live in this area (and beyond). Should be very interesting.

    • Don’t worry I am also trundling along from Papakura to Howick to watch this rather slow moving train wreck of proceedings as well. If I am so inclined might report the proceedings blow by blow via Facebook.

      But in all seriousness did this all really have to happen or am I sensing Small Man Syndrome from The Chair

  • Mr_Blobby

    I think I might take the time to wonder along as well. Something smells very fishy. I don’t like, what seems like bully boy tactics.

    The reason the Home Guard has not been brought in is that they probably don’t support the fool.

  • fozzie2

    Haa the is a reason why they are known as the Citz and Rats !!