The moon landing was not a hoax: Video

There are heaps of conspiracy theorists out there, the think there were men on the grassy knoll, that the moon landing was faked and Robin Bain or his brother killed the Bain family.

Here is a video showing that neither Nasa nor Stanley Kubrick could have faked the moon landing:

I have always been fascinated by space travel. Back in college a friend showed me a documentary that proposed that the moon landing is a hoax. The arguments were based on photography, videography, and lighting tricks and I remember thinking “wow could this really have been staged?” Mr. SG Collins makes a pretty compelling argument claiming that neither NASA nor Stanley Kubrick were actually technologically capable of producing a video that could stand up to modern scrutiny. Collin’s photographic argument should put a final nail in the conspiracists’ theory for good. 



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  • thor42

    Agreed – heaps of conspiracy nutters.

    The ones who piss me off the *most*, though, are the so-called “9/11 truthers”. (What a misnomer).

    Here is a link to a swag of sites that debunk those morons,
    including a link to a **former** truther’s site – he has now left the cult.

    • Lion_ess

      Dud link. Read some more.

    • Lion_ess

      Describe why Building 7 fell in its own footprint when it wasn’t hit by a plane? Thanks – look forward to your response.

  • quirky_username

    Mitchell and Webb do a brilliant sketch on the supposed conspiracy of faking the moon landing…..

    • Orange

      good stuff

  • jbcoop

    It is trivial to know that the Americans where on the moon. No
    discussion of cosmic rays or technology need be made. At the time the
    USA and the Soviet Union where competing to land on the moon as part of
    the Cold War. Knowing the deep hate they had for each other there is no
    way the Soviet Union would have kept quiet if the USA had faked the
    landings (in the same way the USA also would not have kept quiet if the
    Soviet Union had faked getting there first). Remember, both countries
    had the technology to track spacecraft and monitor radio transmissions
    of the other. The silence of the Soviet Union was all the proof needed that indeed the USA got there first.

    • Orange

      Agree. Incidentally, I use a similar argument when pointing out the reaction of the Roman and Jewish authorities to the missing body after the resurrection of Jesus. They kept quiet and agreed it was missing. The Russians said, “yes but we were still first in space.”

      • Ronnie Chow

        And there hasn’t been a missing body since . The Jews were right all along .

        • Orange

          The double negatives are confusing. If you don’t have a *missing* body then you have a body. If you have a body then you immediately disprove the historical record recorded in the NT regarding the resurrection. If you’re referring to the testimony of hundreds of eyewitnesses who claimed to see the risen Jesus or the many thousands of Jews at the time who believed then one has to go back to some kind of (convoluted) conspiracy to explain it, similar to the moon conspiracy.

    • stinkeye3

      There is the idea that the large amount of grain that the USSR was given by the US that year, it was a deal to keep quiet.

      • jbcoop

        OK, that sorts out the first year of silence. What about the other 42 years?

  • Hazards001

    Balls…can’t survive going through the Van Allen Belt wrapped in 12 layers of the exact same tin foil my gran wrapped a chicken in to cook it in the coal oven!