The only person looking to bribe Maori more than John Key is David Shearer

David Shearer has professed a willingness to sell membership and policy in order to get Ratana on board. He has basically dropped his trousers in an attempt to attract Maori support and at the same time attacked the Maori party.

If Shearer wants to win back all the Maori seats, he’s gonna be offering some serious pork, over and above all the recent progress on Treaty claims.

I wonder how Waitakere Man would feel about that.

Given that he is likely to be in bed with the money printing spendthrifts of the Green Taliban, then it is indeed possible that he along with the country will be “going for broke”.

One thing that maori always want in order to facilitate qualification is money:


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  • Marcus50

    You mean that it is possible to drop his trousers further than Key has. Seems unlikely

    • Mr_Blobby

      It is a race to the bottom, Key is ahead by a brown nose.

  • Troy

    Seems Shearer and his bunch of flunkies are living in the past, yet again. This cocksucker wants to drench our money in soft-cock welfare state-oriented policies that allow bludging losers to remain dependant on the state – thing is, there are more people out there that want to work and be successful so support for Shearer on his policies won’t make ground. Loser.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Wish that was the case. But it seems to me that more are opting to join the, defendant on the state wagon, the crunch will come when we can no longer afford the largess.

      As taxes rise the incentive to work will diminish. As the debt rises more will be looking for safe havens, that will be in non productive assets.

      • Lofty

        Blobby we haven’t been able to afford the largess for quite some time.

    • Patrick

      Problem is Troy there are plenty of retards that cannot see past the end of their noses & they will vote for anything that means they are getting something from the state for nothing. That is how we ended up with WFF & free student loans.

      The ever diminishing taxpayer base will get caned again until we end up in a “Greece like” situation. At that stage Australia will bail us out economically & we will become their seventh state – their dumping ground for losers & cheap labour.

      • Captain Crab

        The way Gillard and Swan are fucking Australia over I doubt they will be able to bail anybody out. They are close to recession

        • Patrick

          Are they still our biggest trading partner? If so be afraid, very afraid.
          I live in Aus & can verify what you are saying, the East coast is a dead zone, layoffs left right & centre. WA still steaming along but at a very much reduced speed. We are definitely in trouble, the company I am with is shedding contractors as quick as we can. Next will be the full timers, then the fun starts. Reminds me of late ’80s in NZ

  • he puts the ‘filth’ in filthy politics

  • Michael

    Expect Shearer to announce:

    Full ownership of Foreshore and Seabed but protecting non commercial access.
    Grants for housing on communal land.
    Marae based Justice for Maori Offenders.
    Marae based employment schemes for young unemployed Maori.
    Grants to iwi/hapu groups to hold hui with all invited.

    Wait a minute…

  • Lopsy

    Cynical politics at it’s most debased. Labour’s politics are not too different from one of tactics of the Mafia. It’s a protection racket of sorts. Self respecting people should not fall for this. They’re reverting to type, playing the same old game of Robin Hood. They just have to get their sums right, as long as they think their people outnumber the poor bastards they plunder it’s a winner. As with all left wing politics though the end game was never thought through.

  • Travis Poulson

    I hope Shearer has a ready supply of wet wipes and disinfectant, I suspect his nose is going to get particularly dirty this year.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep is a clear winner now that Whale Oil has admitted Emperor won’t survive past 2014…