The pirate Paul Watson still runs and hides like a coward

Paul Watson talks the big game…but when it comes to his own skin is nothing but a big coward as he stays in international waters to avoid capture.

He should be arrested in Australia if he comes ashore and the same goes for here. Anyone who flies the jolly roger and attacks ships on the high seas is a pirate:

A DIPLOMATIC headache is developing for the federal government as ground is laid for the wanted Sea Shepherd leader, Paul Watson, to come ashore in Australia.

Mr Watson is wanted by Japan over his Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns, and after skipping bail in Germany has been at sea for months to avoid arrest.

No surprises that the Green taliban of Australia is sticking up for the pirate. 

The former Greens leader Bob Brown said on Monday a key job in his new role as a Sea Shepherd Australia director was to ensure that Mr Watson could come ashore safely, and warned an arrest would bring uproar.

Mr Watson, who is on board the ship Steve Irwin in the Southern Ocean, said he had been given a business entry visa to Australia by the Australian Embassy in Washington.

”But I don’t have a passport,” Mr Watson said. ”Both my Canadian and US passports are in Germany.”

A repeated visitor to Australia on his campaigns, Mr Watson said his group had decided to base their international operations at Williamstown in Melbourne, and it made sense for him to be able to come ashore.

”It would be nice to come ashore anywhere, really,” he said.

Interpol has Red Notices from Japan and Costa Rica outstanding for Mr Watson.

According to the global policing organisation, a Red Notice is a request for any country to locate an individual with a view to their provisional arrest and extradition, in accordance with that country’s national laws.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    The ship will have to come into territorial waters at some time, or one of their ships will for cfrew change etc.
    It would be interesting to know who gives them insurance cover and if they have Protection and Indemnity insurance. If they have a collision with a Japanese Whaler and there is an oil spill they will have to have cover to enure the clean up.
    I am surprised that no one seems to have donw this investigation as it is illegal for a commercial ship not to have cover. Also I thought the ship was registered in the Nethjerlands or one of their dependencies.

    • GregM

      Very good points. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no port would allow an uninsured vessel to come alongside either. They will have to come ashore for bunkers and lubes at some stage. Could be interesting.

      • AnonWgtn

        Not sure on this point of Insurance – needs further looking into.

    • They are not commercial vessels. The Bob Barker and Steve Irwin are registered in the Netherlands. The Brigitte Bardot and Sam Simon have AU registry. They are all registered as pleasure craft or as motor yachts. Manning and insurance requirements for commercial vessels do not apply to them, which is the whole point for how they are registered. I do not believe that they carry insurance on the vessels; there was certainly no claims filed wrt the Ady Gil loss. Who in their right mind would write a policy for a group that considers ‘ship bumping’ a legitimate form of protest?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Another thing
    As he has no passport as soon as he tries to enter a country he will be arrested.

    • AnonWgtn

      Will not matter when Greenpeace/Labour Government gets in in 2014.
      He will be kinighted and given diplomatic protection.

  • williamabong

    Whilst I disagree with the overt methods Japan has used to continue whaling in the Southern oceans, I disagree even stronger with Watson and his army of part time terrorists.
    If the methods used by Watson and his cohorts against the Japanese were used AGAINST them by anyone else the squealing would be heard from the moon.

  • AnonWgtn

    Watson should hold on, as under the Greenpeace/Labour government from 2014 he will be able to base his fleet in New Zealand, and be protected by the NZ Frigates.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Diplomatic Immunity does not cover you for illegal acts done by NZ citizens either in or out of NZ. NZ Govt has been v firm on that for years. NZ diplomatic staff pay their parking fines, traffic fines etc unlike many other countries.
      Under conventions NZ could not protect or harbour people who under take illegal activities.

  • hagar

    I disagree with you, The Japs are lying through their teeth calling it “scientific research”, It is about the onlt hing I agree with the greenies on.


      Me too. If they want to eat marine mammals let them catch the mercury laden whales off their own shores.

    • Ururoa

      Agreed. The fact remains they can’t even sell the whale meat they harvest and it is a massive loss making operation; they are reduced to giving the whale meat away to staff, storing it in warehouses and trying to export it to Norway (who don’t want it as they also have trouble selling the whale harvest they take).

      BTW, did you know that the budget for this year’s whaling expedition came from money specifically earmarked for rebuilding post: Fukushima earthquake? Yes, that’s right, so you donated to Red Cross to help the poor buggers in Fukushima, while the Japanese Government diverted money from a specifically dedicated budget for Fukushima victim support and rebuilding to a whaling expedition.

      If Japan can come to the South Pacific to harvest whales for “cultural reasons” and to “ascertain stock levels”, against all us locals objections, then the Vietnamese can justifiably go to South Africa to kill the last Rhino for its horn, the Chinese should rationally be allowed to go to India to extract tiger spleens, and the French are welcome to wipe out the sturgeon population of the Caspian and take as much caviar as they want. Great logic huh.

  • Patrick

    Torpedo his boat & throw him a life saving ring. Leave him to float to shore – wherever he turns up can prosecute him

  • Paul Watson is a miserable coward , this is pretty obvious. Watson claims he is like the second coming of Jesus Christ in Australia, he is lying. Watson grovels after Australians by claiming how wonderful we all are , how he loves Australia, he needs all the help he can get, he is not well known here or known as a raving lunatic.He is a movie star first a liar and a cheat who became a millionaire on donations, donations he conned out of the gullible. Watson is a megalomaniac interested in his own selfish life and he uses emotive animals to this end. Watson MUST be arrested and sent back to Costa Rica to face the charges, but like he does always , he runs and is nothing but a gutless snivelling coward who is an inernational joke. Australia does not want this crook , we dont want him here, Go back to the USA and Bob Brown stop pretending you have any clout in Australia, another crazy joke in Australia. Watson is not a special person, her is a pathological lying criminal who must be arrested if he comes to Australia although I would not be surprised at all if he comes and goes as he pleases in Bob Browns locality, Tasmania. Bob Brown is a millionaire who seems totally besotted with the crook, so thats not out of the question. Watson is doing more harm to whales than anything, he incites the whalers on purpose, on the grape vine, Animal Planet have had a gutful of Watson and Whale Wars is a no go this year… poor man what will he do without donations now to fund his lavish lifestyle? I am a lover of whales and all amimals , Watson only loves his bank balance and of course. himself. Arrest this man if he comes here, I hope the ,mealy mouthed government will do the right thing and arrest him, he is a dangerous madman who must man p if at all possible and face his crimes and there are many. Do not be fooled by this person , he is a fraud.

  • DreaF

    Although i do not agree with some of the tactics employed by Sea Shepard, I do support the reasons behind it. Some whales have been hunted to the brink of extinction and they need protection. The fact that the Japanese at coming from there own seas to hunt in the southern ocean whale sanctuary bugs the hell out of me. I always believe a sanctuary was a place of safety… but obviously it is not in this case.

    The Japanese hunt under the guise of scientific research, which is a load of rubbish.

    I think the worst thing is these majestic mammals are actually killed for their flesh, which i understand (and forgive me if i am wrong) few Japanese people eat anymore anyway.

    I have no problem with animals been killed for meat so long as it is consume, but from what i believe the whale meat taken by the Japanese generally goes to waste (once again i could be wrong so please let me know if i am.

    At least the Icelandic people at hunting in their own waters and actually consume what they kill.

  • If I watch the show its pretty boring,I always root for the japanese Watson is an idiot.