The pirate Paul Watson still runs and hides like a coward

Paul Watson talks the big game…but when it comes to his own skin is nothing but a big coward as he stays in international waters to avoid capture.

He should be arrested in Australia if he comes ashore and the same goes for here. Anyone who flies the jolly roger and attacks ships on the high seas is a pirate:

A DIPLOMATIC headache is developing for the federal government as ground is laid for the wanted Sea Shepherd leader, Paul Watson, to come ashore in Australia.

Mr Watson is wanted by Japan over his Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns, and after skipping bail in Germany has been at sea for months to avoid arrest.

No surprises that the Green taliban of Australia is sticking up for the pirate.?

The former Greens leader Bob Brown said on Monday a key job in his new role as a Sea Shepherd Australia director was to ensure that Mr Watson could come ashore safely, and warned an arrest would bring uproar.

Mr Watson, who is on board the ship Steve Irwin in the Southern Ocean, said he had been given a business entry visa to Australia by the Australian Embassy in Washington.

”But I don’t have a passport,” Mr Watson said. ”Both my Canadian and US passports are in Germany.”

A repeated visitor to Australia on his campaigns, Mr Watson said his group had decided to base their international operations at Williamstown in Melbourne, and it made sense for him to be able to come ashore.

”It would be nice to come ashore anywhere, really,” he said.

Interpol has Red Notices from Japan and Costa Rica outstanding for Mr Watson.

According to the global policing organisation, a Red Notice is a request for any country to locate an individual with a view to their provisional arrest and extradition, in accordance with that country’s national laws.