The rank hypocrisy of the Green Taliban

As news broke yesterday, fuelled by uninformed idiocy from the SST, and Lucy Craymer and Charles Anderson running a hate campaign against the New Zealand agriculture sector the Green Taliban went on attack issuing statements about ‘chemicals’.

In a 2008 interview with Gordon Campbell – check out Russel Norman’s last answer:

Campbell: So from what you’re saying, if the Greens are in government after the next election, it will be asking farmers to pay the full costs of its emissions much sooner ?

Norman: Yeah…and its actually in a good position to reduce its emissions. The technology already exists. Its just nuts. They’re half of our emissions, and we’re saying the sector doesn’t have to do anything.

Campbell:Excuse me, but the technology to reduce methane emissions doesn’t exist at the moment.

Norman: The technology to reduce nitrous oxide emissions exists at the moment, with nitrification inhibitors.

Then again in 2011 penned by Norman himself where nitrification inhibitors are lauded as ‘clean tech’:

“The clean technology sector is not simply the next latest fad, as Sir Paul argues — it’s much more significant than that. Any new technology that lowers our environmental footprint is clean technology. The possibilities are endless and can include such diverse technologies as biofuels, nitrification inhibitors, biodegradable packaging, or a computer programme that manages a smart electricity grid. Clean technology will enable us to have a prosperous economy and a stable climate.”

The green taliban lauded inhibitors to bang farmers over the head with and now use it to bang farmers over the head when it goes wrong.

Clean technology as the green taliban likes to say won’t enable us to have a prosperous economy if they keep on poo-fingering everything for political gain.


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  • Greg

    What a dick, if these guys take control of NZ its all over.

  • Jaffa

    He has a very good chance of being our next Finance Minister!

    • maninblack

      that is so fucken scary!! Be a horror movie unfolding.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Jaffa – not “good chance” – he will be. That is what the suckers who voted for a tax increase in 1999 want to happen. So look for some good suitcases.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Every “Green” solution or ban seems to only make matter worse. Underground mining rather than opencast, bird shredding wind turbines, bans on removing bushfire fuel from around houses and so it goes on.

    I think its time for the evangelists to be told to take a hike.

  • maninblack

    I wish the greens would fuck off! they are a pack of cunts!!

    • Hazards001

      For as long as there is an opportunity to dip into our pockets the green bastards will be here. The simpleton fuckwits that vote them in on the back of bullshit propaganda need to take a long hard look at themselves and the crap they buy into.
      Sadly these are people that a bereft of the ability to look any further than their own self interest and most of them are going to vote green not as an environmental choice but as an economic one where the lazy and indolent will once more be given the chance to dip into the pockets of those that actually produce something of value to the country as a whole be it through their labour or as a primary producer.

  • cows4me

    If these arseholes get any chance to govern then all hell will break lose. Do you honestly believe farmers are going to stand by to be shafted up the arse by these evil doers? Red Wusell will have to do an Obummer and come after the guns because I wouldn’t wish to be the poor clown that will be given the job to come out and tell the farmers what they expect. She beast was smart enough and sat on the border line, these dickheads will clearly cross it.

  • Phar Lap

    The solution, while there is still time.Make the RED”/green party” an illegal organisation.,ban them from public office.Deport squeaky Russel Norman the wet back Aussie cock sucker .Send little fuck face tubby Turei with him as being a potential financial suicide bomber,against the interests of a sovereign nation NZ.,That should be a shot over the bows of the resident eco terrorists within,JUST TO GET THE BALL ROLLING.Some one named them the Taleban Greens ,how appropiate.

  • If you come from the glass half full camp. think of it has pain and suffering for a few years, followed by incredible opportunities when the Country’s voters come to their senses. The half empty camp doesn’t bear thinking about…

    • Grant_S

      “If you come from the glass half full camp. think of it has pain and
      suffering for a few years, followed by incredible opportunities when the
      Country’s voters come to their senses.”

      I wonder if the country’s voters will be given that chance to come to their senses. When have far left governments ever willingly handed over power?

      It’s not too hard to imagine an impassioned speech by psuedo- doctor Norman explaining to the people that the green government simply cant have all their good work regarding the environment and social justice undone by the return of a right wing party to power, so this year’s election will be deferred………….
      Remember the marxist’s democratic vision:

      “One man, one vote, once.”

  • David Broome

    Thanks Whale for exposing this. Farmers have a feeling that they are being damned for doing and damned for don’t.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Financial destruction minister.

  • Agent BallSack

    Norman flops more than a kawhai on the end of a line and tugs more than the little red engine who could.

  • Patrick

    National’s best campaign line has to involve pointing out what will happen if the Left wins the next election. National needs to start ramping up the attacks on the communist Greens & lying Labour party.

    • Agent BallSack

      Problem with that is there’s so much to aim at, where do you start and finish? I think staying away from gutter politics is in Nationals best interest, even if they lose the election the public will remember a mostly graceful Government in defeat and success – after all a RedGreen government won’t last 2 terms.

      • Patrick

        You may be correct but the frustrating situation now is that the Labour & Green parties can say whatever they like, they are never challenged on their lies & before you know it the gullible voters take them at face value.
        As for not lasting two terms – that is frightening as 10 minutes of Wussel & co in charge would be enough to set NZ back decades.

  • backster

    It’s a Greens nitrification policy that has caused the latest threat to Fonterras exports by miniscule contamination of milk powder exports.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If a coalition of Liebour,Greens,Mana/Maori and may be NZF got into power then within 18 months the GG will be calling a Gen Election. The country will be ungovernable with rampant inflation, riots and demos etc in the street and petrol at $4/litre or more.
    Then National will be in for a generation.

    • Hazards001

      The Governor General has no ability to influence anything as far as I know short of whom is to be the next Scout Master of NZ.

      The rampant riots you speak of Capt. will never happen as the sheep of this country will continue to roll over for a belly scratch. We will keep watching our hard earned contributions to the coffers of this land being pissed away on vote buying policies that will benefit the select few in Maoridom and the environmental terrorists that will have a say based on the politics of fear and the sense of righteous grievance that NZ has been built on for the last 25 years.
      If you want to see a National Government in power for any length of time then they damn well better come up with more than the one policy that they have survived on for the last 4 years.