The serial grizzlers are still on about Novopay

The Herald yesterday carried an article that New Zealand schools had advanced $560,000 to teachers to cover Novopay errors.

According to official figures there are 2358 schools in New Zealand. That means on average they have had to advance $125 237 each – not a big deal. Apparently there are 7500 staff who have been mispaid – just over 3 per school – also not worth ripping your hair out for. It isn’t a good look but clearly many people who should be focussed on improving the lot of kids are well and truly out of proportion distracted.

The grizzling of teachers is the opposite of the traits you would expect them to look for in their students. On TV3 last night serial?whiner Laurie Powell threatened to leave the country?and stated that if he made those kind of errors he would get the sack. If he is the same Laurie Powell listed on “rate my teachers” it is clear some of his students do consider he makes those kind of mistakes and would mind if he was in another country.?

This is what he had to say back on December 19:

?If you perform that poorly in a position of such responsibility, I think your number?s up pretty fairly early on, especially for such a major cockup that took place,? says Auckland teacher Laurie Powell.

Maybe he should have some integrity with regards to his threats – resign and leave.

Once again Chris Hipkins was the Labour spokesperson on this. Clearly the silent coup demotion of Nanaia Mahuta has been confirmed.