The unhinging of David Fisher and Peter Aranyi via Social Media

I have been pretty busy the last couple of days and didn’t realise that someone had set up a parody Twitter account of David Fisher.

David is relatively new to social media and hasn’t quite realised how it all works…and has taken great umbrage at having a parody account made of him.

He should be chuffed…instead he is throwing a tanty.


At least Toby Manhire gets it. Pity Peter Aranyi doesn’t won’t can’t…he’s gone back to his creepy stalker ways and devoted yet another post to me full of angst, outrage and camp side comments….Puh-leeeeeease 

Only fools believe that Twitter is engagement. It isn’t, no one wants to know every little bit of your life and if you are dumb enough to tweet it then you deserve a kicking.

For the record it isn’t me operating the parody account…I’m too busy finding Herald Bombs…and we all know how many of those there are.

The parody tweets are funny too…and when you go through Fisher’s own tweet history you can see that the parody account has mimicked him pretty accurately especially all the sucky Dotcon tweets.

Chris Keall clearly has fallen under the Fatman’s spell and is all familiar with his writing now.

and the parody account lays down a challenge to the real David Fisher’s whinging:


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  • Lion_ess

    Right. Time for bed. #MEGA day tomorrow following Kim around.#earlystart

    Lol – someone has a keen sense of humour ..

  • jewoven

    More pathetic than funny. Worse than the anonymous bloggers at the Standard.

    • Funny name. Also stupid email handle. Classic Troll behaviour. Anti-Semitism gets you an instant ban.

      I don’t want to act like Lynn, but I will not tolerate anti-semitism. If you want to beg forgiveness then email me properly not like an anonymous coward.

  • It seems to be a fast moving picture. @Fish_NZH is now @DFisherJourno and @Fish_NZ is @FisherJourno.

    Why is David Fisher changing his Twitter name? The troll can just change it as well. I don’t get it.