There is no helping bludgers

I can’t stand Asenati Lole-Taylor but this tweet exchange is pure gold:


There is no helping bludgers and she has just found out. Julie Fairey goes all pinko and wants to give the drunk gambling bludgers a hug….and probably a couple of thousand of taxpayers dollars too…and os probably arranging for Len Brown to build them and affordable home.

And as for Asenati claiming that the drunk gambling bludgers could have bought bread and butter just so aptly explains why poverty stricken islanders na Maori are morbidly obese…the only thing missing from her poor person diet suggestions is budget Tomato Sauce and Mad Butcher sausages which I am reliably told are $15 for 45 sausages.


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  • williamabong

    All of which goes to prove that you can’t help those that won’t help themselves, as for Julie “Away-With-The Fairies” what else needs to be said, another money rains from the sky dreamboat.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      another money rains from the sky dreamboat – read that as your tax money from November 2014 bro.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Whale, you forgot the old favorite “Mi Goreng Prawn Special”, about $7 for 50 packets from Asian supermarkets

  • Apolonia

    But didn’t Darrien say we should all boycott the butch

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “The dad could have bought some bread and butter with what he spent on his alcohol” – What is this non-sense? Isn’t it the job of John Key to take care of that? John Key and his National Government have let people down and they can’t even provide basic necessities of life like alcohol and cigarettes leave alone bread and milk. Julie is right, this family has no hope and only with a Labour-Green government, they will get more of tax payers’ money to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Can’t wait for November 8, 2014.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Why don’t we set them up in hotels and pay all the costs ? Oh , we do that already.

      • dotcom

        Bookmark this page. It’s a doozey, and WILL come in handy later.

  • Ronnie Chow

    It might be a long way off , but at some stage , adults will need to qualify before reproducing .

    • Rodger T

      You have to have a license to own a dog,yet you breed out of control,neglect your brood and get rewarded for it.
      Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

  • Given the experiences those people have had, would you be in a different state if it was you? If you had had the upbringing, the family, the trauma, everything that person did I can guarantee you, you would not. This is not an opinion based on thin air, I have read enough books on psychology and stress disorders, studied my own dysfunctional behaviour and I have learnt never ever to judge until you have been through what that person has.

    What you witnessed with the mum at Housie and dad drunk was a family in need of your help, not your bigoted judgement and withdrawal. Sadly as the government withdraws more and more support for people, brings down wages and conditions, cuts health care and welfare this is going to get worse. It is successive governments madness around free trade, deregulation and cost-cutting that is driving this country to drink and violence.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Can you please fuck right off?

      People come from shit hole poverty and upbringing and do really wonderful things, but most choose to not. do anything.

      Why the hell should society support people who choose to stay drunken idiots on the dole?

    • Lion_ess

      First priority of parents – is the well-being of their children. They made them, they look after them, right?
      Alcohol and gambling don’t figure in the budgets of people struggling to feed their families.
      Taxpayers will already be funding these losers. If you feel that money for Housie and Alcohol is what is in need here – you fund them. Go and read some poems for a year somewhere, and then donate your proceeds to these morons to drink and fritter away.

    • Pete

      “I have learnt never ever to judge until you have been through what that person has”

      Two dozen and a bottle of vodka, perhaps?

    • Jester

      Give Asenati a call JR, she may be able to give you their address.

      I’m sure your books and wisdom will fill the stomachs of the hungry children!

    • Auto_Immune

      Do you actually know the specific people Asenati is discussing? You say to never ever judge until you have been through what that person has, but you’re also judging them, saying they’re in dire need of (more) help.

    • spollyike

      Your cognitive dissonance is preventing you from seeing reality idiot. The government is not cutting anything, in fact they are putting systems in place that will help these people to learn to help themselves. Simply some conditions of responsibility that they need to meet in order to receive our hard earned tax dollars. You say you have been there, therefore you are a prime example of the psychological conditioning that occurs that transforms whole generations into parasites that feed off the rest of the country with the insidious cancer that is welfare entitlement mentality.

    • How are the chalk drawings in Ghuznee Street? Are the indigent drunks still sharing their pearls of wisdom with you or have you fucked them off too?

      Why don’t you make a video about this and cry in it about how ashamed you are.

    • manuka416

      You’re making a lot of assumptions JR, just like anyone else. You’re just as judgemental. “Given the experiences these people have had”, exactly what experiences have they had? You have no idea exactly what these people have gone through, you’re just stereotyping them as hard-done-by based on a few tidbits of information from a tweet or two. Your embellished picture of the state of this family is shaped by your bias against government (just like others’ pictures are shaped by their bias against irresponsible parents).

      I agree that the family need targeted help. Would I be in a different state if I was in the same financial circumstances as this family? Absolutely. If my kids need food, no money would be spent on alcohol or gambling. If these people are beneficiaries, I don’t accept any of my contributions-via-tax to them being spent on alcohol or gambling.

    • owl

      Are you for real? She went to give charity..she was obviously told a hard luck story by the parents and she got told a pack of lies. Actually where is their church in all this. He probably got drunk because the local poly church turned up and asked for their 10 or 20% of their pay packet too. When the hell is a Polynesian MP going to stand up and say” FFS” we are an embarrassment – that person will get my vote.

      I have times when I was on the bones of my arse and with kids etc etc…I didn’t get drunk and go to housie. How many people are living in the house!

      I really hope Lote-Taylor has really learnt a lesson and is able to say FFS this is an embarrassment – she will get my vote.
      It is intelligent people in this country that get marginalized..pure an utter racism towards people with brains.

      • owl

        Do you know what Lote-Taylor should be arrested for not informing the authority of children at risk..isn’t that the new law..isn’t that what Jacinda Ardern wanted…Whale oil …I would like to see a post on that

    • Tristanb

      So we should give them more money??

      They are bad people. That’s why they live in squalor despite living in a generous welfare state.

      Some people are just selfish. Some people don’t care about their kids. They’d rather spend money on getting drunk today than have any thought about the future.

      It’s not just rich people who are evil, you know.

      • williamabong

        Right on

    • Mr_Blobby

      Here is my contribution. You should get a loaded gun, pose
      for photos with the finger in the trigger, pull trigger. Problem solved job

      • With my MOD hat on, I would like to remind our readers not to call for the death of anyone.

        Discuss the issues, don’t attack the person. And ESPECIALLY do not suggest they commit suicide.

        • Dave

          Good Call Pete!

    • williamabong

      Why don’t you ask them back to yours for tea and tiny cakes, then you can let them have a pick through your stuff and your wallet, that should help you to unburden your soul and keep them going for another week or so.
      While you are at it you may like to check the yellow pages under reality check as your one seems to be in serious need of repair or replacement.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The sooner tghey bring in a system whereby thge “benefit” cannot be spent on alcohol, ciggies, fizzy drinks etc the better.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I still think that instead of a food grant you get, depending on the size of your family, a weekly box with canned goods, weetbix, long life milk, a loaf of bread, some toilet paper, if females add tampons etc. All couriered to your door. If you have members of the household 16+ that aren’t working within 4 weeks reduce the frequency of parcels until they find a job.


      Would be far cheaper then throwing cash at them, and would solve needing a car, and associated WINZ funded WOF and gas as well.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Conway , you genius . I’ve got it . Pay carbon credits for drinking fizzy drinks . (does this include beer and bubbly?)

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Where have people like this had their heads. Plenty of decent NZers have been saying this has been going on for years. Finally woken up and removed head from arse.

  • Mirror in the bathroom

    Morbidly obese, drunk, gambling, unstable, social trash – the writer’s inner demons, projected outwards onto some poor fuck. Meanwhile the truly sucessful parasites and bludgers feed unnoticed.

    • Ronnie Chow

      ” Feed unnoticed” On what , though ? Isn’t the human species collectively a parasite ?

  • Rodger T

    Like a lot of other commenters ,I am absolutely gobsmacked at how much alcohol the “poor” can afford to buy,when times were tough(like most young families go through) raising 2 children, we went without alcohol.
    Different priorities I guess.

  • Tristanb

    Hopefully Labour attacks her like they attacked Shearer for criticising those ripping off the sickness benefit.

  • perhap we should just allow children to drink alcohol so they get their share

  • Dave

    They can add some lettuce and tomatoes from the garden they grew with all their spare time to go with the Mad Butchers Sausages, what a great meal. Then all go for a family walk to admire the gardens other Bennies / Bludgers in their area have grown. Lets see healthy cheap food (tick), exercise to stop being obese (tick), no alcohol (tick), no ciggies (tick), it’s sounding like my life. If its good enough for me and thousands of others who ACTUALLY WORK, why not the bludgers??

    Ps for a bit of variety in their diet that could catch one of Lens trains and a bus to a fishing spot, throw a hand line in and catch some fish for dinner, if they stay there all day they might catch enough for several meals.

  • GregM

    What really pissed me off walking past the line of fat people outside the city mission before Christmas, was the 24 pack of cody’s sitting on the back seat of a “desperately poor persons” tidy car. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.
    Solution? Stop the handouts, now, and it’s about time tossers like the delightful Ms Asenati Lole Taylor took a real big reality check and woke the fuck up.

  • Lion_ess

    Reality Alert for Arsenati Lole-Taylor, who clearly needs to get out more if she has only just discovered the normal MO for lifestyle beneficiaries.

    I suspect the folk were just being polite in requesting groceries. If Arsenati had any street-cred at all, she would have known this is “code” for drugs and booze. The reason they didn’t buy bread and butter, is that they didn’t want any – get it?

  • J.M

    Cam, calling other people obese is probably not something you should do. Glass houses and all that.
    That aside, it just goes to show why there is no helping some of these people.

    • Lion_ess

      Speaking of glass houses J.M. I notice you referring to different ones as “fat, bloated Gerry, nut-job (Cameron), humpty (Cameron), fatso (Cameron, again). Pot-Kettle J.M – practise what you preach. I guess you’re probably a good church-goer as well – usually the worst hypocrites.

      • J.M

        Where did I say anything factually incorrect?

        • Lion_ess

          You didn’t – but nor did Cameron. You were moralising against someone when your own morals don’t have any mettle – just an everyday hypocrite.

      • Probably a catholic kiddy fiddler

        • Lion_ess

          Bound to be. Do as I say not as I do – you know the type ..

        • J.M

          More anti-Catholic hate speech eh?

          • Lion_ess

            Hello? You just identified yourself. Oh we’ll, Hail Mary!

    • Travis Poulson

      Here you go shit-for-brains:

      “Maybe I should have called Cam humpty instead.”

      “Could do without the ethnic slur there fatso.”

      “Good blog this one although Cam is in reality a nutjob.”

      “Fat Bloated Gerry gets it way wrong with the anti-rail theme”

      Yes glasshouses and all that, fuck off hypocrite. It beggars beyond belief how cunts like you expect to be taken seriously.

      • Lion_ess

        Oiih, you left off the church-goer slur at the end :)

        • Travis Poulson

          I’m careful to avoid copyright issues. Learning from the fat germans mistakes.

          • Lion_ess

            Oh, nice touch then.

      • J.M

        Nothing whatsoever factually incorrect in what I wrote knobface.

        • Travis Poulson

          “knobface”….oh you scathing genius. You missed the point completely.

    • J.M. идти ебать себя

      • J.M

        Nice effort big fella, but google translate has failed you on this occasion.

        • You get the meaning…stop acting like a troll or fuck off…if you don’t stop then I’ll just card you…you won’t be back that I can promise you.

          Enjoy Australia cunt.

          • Dave

            Please don’t send them to the large western island, it’s still a nice place.

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  • Economist

    The only possible welfare reform in NZ that would may any difference is also the simplest, cheapest, and best: just stop welfare.

    Welfare rates are set by order in council – not by primary legislation. Key could – and should – stop all welfare payments overnight.