They have got stuff all chance of getting the Falklands back

Everyone knows the Argentinians are a bunch of useless broken-arsed ratbags who can’t pay their bills.

Just how broke they are is surprising.

THE Argentine government was caught completely off-guard last October when authorities from the Ghanaian port of Tema seized the Libertad, a frigate used for training naval cadets. The country had already spent years sparring in the courts with investors who own bonds on which it defaulted in 2001. But its officials never anticipated that one New York-based hedge fund would manage to secure an order from a Ghanaian judge to hold the vessel in port because of Argentina’s failure to pay its debts. 

After months of legal wrangling, the country wriggled out of its creditors’ grasp when the UN’s Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ordered that the ship be released, on the grounds that military vessels are immune from impoundment. Cristina Fernández, the president, tried to save face by celebrating the Libertad’s return on January 9th as a national triumph. As propeller planes looped between the ship’s masts and flares lit up the sea, Ms Fernández welcomed the crew home with a 25-minute speech touting Argentina’s sovereignty and resilience.

The last time the Argies went to sea against the United Kingdom this happened:


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  • cows4me

    I doubt Ms Femandez gives a flying fuck about the Falklands, they’re a welcome distraction for the peasants while the country goes down the shittier.

  • I sympathise with the Argies over the debt issue, it had to default back in 2000. The creditors need to move on they are vultures.

    But as for the Falklands the Argies need to move on. They have lots of hype, lots of hot air and lots of feeling, but the reality is this, ownership is 9 tenths of the law. How many argies are living there – none for the last 150 or so years,.

  • flashman

    They would have got the islands back peacefully by the early 1990’s, 20 years ago, if they hadn’t invaded. It had been slowly moving that way for years. But no British political party that wants to get elected would suggest handing back the islands now. The Argentine diplomats are doing the rounds of places that might have some influence over British Govt policy – including NZ, which I’ve attended in person – but it won’t change the British Govt’s view.