They should write to the Pope demanding that he stop priests from buggering little boys

Typical…the Catholic Church is telling people to write to MPs to stop marriage equality:

The leader of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales has urged parishioners to write to their MPs ?as soon as possible? urging them to block the Government?s same-sex marriage plans.

The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, said they should write ?clearly, calmly and forcefully? outlining their concerns.

Among his fears is that children will no longer be taught about what he called ?the true nature of marriage? in schools, if legislation is passed allowing marriage between homosexuals.

With the bill on same-sex marriage due to be tabled in mid-January, the clock is now ticking.

At least 130 Conservative MPs could vote against the Government on the issue, but many more would be needed to stop it becoming law.

In a pastoral letter to mark the Feast of the Holy Family, Archbishop Nichols called on Catholics to act now to change politicians? minds.

It is the first time he has written directly asking parishioners to lobby MPs, and marks a new phase in the church?s campaign against the potential law change.

About five million people in England and Wales are Catholic, of which a million regularly attend church.

Imagine 5 million letters to the Pope telling him to stop covering up child abuse and to redress the sins of the priesthood…won’t be holding my breath.