Tom Sherlock is looking a bit rough

Well, not really.  It’s our daily “see where the NZ Herald’s Stuffed up” game.


The captioned photo is of Aaron Forden.

With Tom Sherlock being an Acting manager, we should perhaps cut the Herald some slack for not having a file pic of him.

One question: 


Tom Sherlock seems to be coming up to his third year straight of being an Acting Assistant Manager.

So apart from wondering why Tom is having problems getting a promotion, it seems the NZ Horrid has had plenty of time to get a pic of Tom Sherlock on file.




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  • Dave

    Treat him the same as a naughty child, you messed it up, you can live in it! Oh and no food for 5 days just rice, fruit and water!

    • Dave

      Put him on an island close to the south pole. If he escapes that then good on him.

      • Dave

        Hmmm an imposter! hate it when someone else copies your very generic nickname!

        • Dave

          We’re on the same ip address

          • Dave

            I cant believe that, an IP address is supposed to be exclusive

  • Ford

    he trashed a damage proof cell..did he throw his toilet paper around the room..toss his clothes about..abviously didnt damage it cos its damage proof..must have only made a mess..and that pathetic crap makes the news

  • Rodger T

    Don`t to the crime ,if you can`t handle the anal.

  • Economist

    Another problem that could easily be solved with a Glock.

    • Chris

      Or 40 lashes.

    • Ford

      you’re a fuckwit

  • Paranormal

    The Horrid hasn’t had a good weekend. The motoring pages yesterday had a photo of a classic Renault Alpine competing in a rally with a caption talking about VW spending up to compete with luxury brands. They’ve fixed it online.