Tracey Martin – Hypocrite

The PPTA came out whining about the time line for submissions on Charter Schools. The Herald predictably ran the union fed lines.

A teachers’ union is criticising the Government for holding the consultation period for charter schools during New Zealanders’ holidays, but a spokeswoman for charter schools champion John Banks says the union’s claims are unfounded.

The New Zealand Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) yesterday launched a campaign to raise awareness about the January 24 deadline for submissions on the Education Amendment Bill 2012.

David Farrar pointed out that the government does not set the timeline for feedback, the select committee does, and also that the government does not hold a majority on that committee, so at least one opposition P had to have voted in support of the timeframe.

First of all the Government doesn’t decide when submissions are due, the select committee does. Now if the Government has a majority on a select committee, of course they can effectively set the date.  But they do not have a majority on Education & Science. The breakdown is National 5, Labour 3, Greens 1, NZ First 1. This means that at least one opposition MP (or all of them) agreed to the dates.

Now this is where this story gets curious. Tracey Martin, NZ First’s education spokesperson is outraged

New Zealand First says the Government is attempting to sneak through unpopular changes which will destroy our public education system.

With submissions closing next Thursday on the Education Amendment Bill there is little time remaining for the public to voice its opposition to the Government’s privatization agenda.

Education spokesperson Tracey Martin says all those directly involved in education are on summer break – apart from those fixing the Novopay stuff ups – during the entire submission period.

“The Education Amendment Bill requires comment on Charter Schools which will become cash cows for foreign investors.”

Ms Martin says the Government is also attempting to slip through major changes to the Board of Trustees (BOT) governance role.

“The Government has already altered administration rules, without consulting BOTs, which will severely limit the voice communities have in the governance of schools.”

“This is a direct assault on the Tomorrow’s Schools model and is the precursor to a full governance review as also outlined in the Supply and Confidence agreement between ACT and the Government.

What Tracey Martin fails to tell us is that she was the opposition MP who voted to agree to the timeframe of the select committee that the opposition controls.

Her hypocrisy is rank, but then again she is a member of the party lead by parliament’s biggest and most shameless hypocrite.


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  • Gazzaw

    Get Winston to pay back the $158k first Tracy.

    • Dave

      Agreed Gazzaw Off Topic sorry Cam, but i see “stuff up” is reporting that The Hobbit success means they should pay back their tax $$$ bit like the pot calling the Kettle Black Winston, when will you pay back our money you obtained through deception??

      • Mr_V4

        Citizens initiated referendum anyone? To demand pensioner winnie refunds the taxpayer.

  • JT

    Totally off topic but if anyone from the whale army wants to bait Darrien Fenton feel free to troll over to the standard.

    • williamabong

      Great stuff, Higher standard is giving Darrien a good fisting, love the one where he asks if she’s drunk, pure gold as the stupid bitch rises to it, then the camp followers all dive in, next is moderation, followed by a lifetime ban, which is more of a medal of honour.
      Perhaps he should have asked if she was stoned as well.

    • Mr_V4

      My nets not big enough to bait that.

  • Teletubby

    Hmmm, seems to me that she feels the teachers should be engaging in their political activities only in term time, i,e when the rest of us think they should be engaging in the activity of teaching children like they are paid to do.
    Kosh and the like keep spinning the teachers work during the holidays shit but it turns out they are to lazy to even play politics on their own time.

  • cows4me

    I’m surprised they could find a politician to comment. Aren’t they suppose to be on holiday with the teachers. Far as I’m concerned the teachers are simply useful idiots brainwashed in the way of leftism and raised suckling on the state tit. For fucks sake, on holiday. I wonder if these fucktards give a moment of thought for the thousands that actually work all the time and support their lifestyle. Such is the way of the useless left