Treaty ‘rights’ a trap

David Round has some major concerns with the wonky constitutional review underway. While we complain about Fiji’s constitutional changes yet our own are appearing to be significantly gerrymandered by Maori:

You need kidney dialysis. But you cannot get it, because people of Maori ancestry, although less deserving of treatment on purely clinical grounds, have priority. You have paid your taxes all your life. You die.

Impossible? At present, yes – we hope. But several years ago when an elderly man in Northland was ruled ineligible for dialysis – on solely clinical grounds – the Maori Council declared elderly Maori people were “taonga” and therefore entitled to treatment under the Treaty of Waitangi, which would give them priority over non-Maori. 

If, then, we were saddled with a written constitution which referred to the Treaty and its alleged “principles”, we could easily have racial discrimination in health care.

Why should that surprise us? The Treaty’s words are now twisted to mean their exact opposite. The Treaty said Maori and settler were to be equals under the Queen’s government. In Captain Hobson’s words, “Now we are one people”. But by the modern “principles”, “Maori” are not the Queen’s subjects but her “partners” in governing New Zealand.

The “taonga” Maori were promised are now not just their physical property – what the word undoubtedly meant in 1840 – but anything Maori might take a fancy to.


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  • thor42

    Any “priority” (for ANYTHING) on the grounds of race is ***RACIST.***
    Take note, John Key. Your party’s SHAMEFUL secret constitutional negotiations with the Maori Party are racist too.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Whats even better. Because it will not be acceptable to the Majority, there is no way it could be put out to a vote. So it will just be implemented by statute through the back door, because the voters could not be trusted to make the right decision.

  • starboard

    Its our own fault. Kiwis stand by idly while we all get shafted in the arse by the likes of findlayson ,key , turia, sharples and co.

  • Gee

    I don’t think its National you need to worry about, they are honouring a deal with the Maori party to set up this committee. It is the Social Engineering Socialists that may replace them who will pick up the committees recomendations and implement them, and the activist Supreme Court subsequently which will rule on interpretation.

  • Dave

    One of the main reasons we packed up and left NZ The sheer discrimination of Pakeha by government and by Maori It’s well known but never acknowledged or discussed, in time it will likely be addressed, but probably not in the next 15 to 20 years Completely over the brown reverse racism.

  • steve and monique

    This bullshit has been going on for years.National was not the only party to help with rort of the system.Wife worked for a DHB,and she was disgusted at the amount of allowances were made for Maori.Needs to be exposed,and removed from our system.Treatment should not be race based.