Trickmousing, otherwise known as training Labour voters

I swear this is what the Labour party does to get you to vote for them:


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  • Dave

    I think it would be easier to train Labour voters than the mouse. Labour voters tend to believe anything they are told by the left.

  • Lofty

    Even easier than that Dave, they just throw your money at them. Job done

  • Macca

    These mice have no comparison to a Liebour voter as they are both active AND intelligent!
    The left leaning mouse would be the one sitting on the couch, watching TV, breeding, pissed and stoned and whining that whatever food that was bought to him/her was not good enough and that they should have been given more of it!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Macca baby – The good news is you will be paying for them with your increased taxes…ha ha ha!!!

      • Dave

        One ahead of you SCS, Couldnt trust a Labour Government getting in again, so cut loses and left NZ. Might have a Labour government in Aussie, but at least some decent labour pollies over here. Will welcome other progressive tax paying forward thinking Kiwis to join me here, that should leave, er SCS and no one else to support the lefty bludgers and unions.