Understanding Mexico’s drug wars

Are the American’s to blame for the Mexican Drug wars?

This video suggests it may be so:

The video takes a bit of an advocacy bend, arguing that the United States plays a major role in the violence, both because our high levels of drug use fuel the narcotics trade and because our loose gun controls make it easy for cartels south of the border to arm themselves. 

You can agree or disagree with that thesis, but the video is at least a refreshingly original way to learn about a conflict that can be hard to comprehend.


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  • Hazards001

    I’d probably agree with some parts of the thesis simply because I was under the impression (right or wrong and I’m not saying I’m right just an impression) that the USA had put Mexico under notice to start doing something about the flow of drugs into the USA.
    I thought that they (The USA) had offered something along the line of incentives and sanctions (i.e. carrot and stick politics) but as I say..just an impression no fact to back it up.
    I’m sure the anti USA lobby will correct me if I’m wrong.

  • JMS

    With all that carnage Mexico now has an reason to fully legalize drugs, and with that the USA would have a reason to shut its southern border. I’m sure many on both sides of the border could live with that.

  • JC

    Two points..

    The first is that the US drug laws cannot work with a ridiculously porous border where the other side has little control over the flow of drugs. A porous Canada/US border works pretty well because Canada has similar restrictive drug laws and the ability to enforce them.

    Second, contrary to popular opinion the US is a minor source of guns to the Mexican side.. other countries are by far the biggest suppliers to the drug cartels.. in fact, the Obama Administration had to force US gun retailers to sell guns south of the border to build the perception of US guns being a significant part of the Mexico drug laws.. remember “Fast and Furious”?


  • Patrick

    Just wait until Obama arms the drones he has flying on the border. A few hellfires will make the gringoes sit up – as well as the leftie hand wringers in his party.