Understanding why women wear high heels

As a proper bloke who prefers RM Williams boots to shoes, and wearing hunting boots as often as I can I fail to properly understand why women wear high heals…until now:



Ask a woman why she endures the awkwardness and discomfort, and she?ll probably respond, ?They make me look, and feel, more attractive.??Newly published research?suggests this perception is accurate, but perhaps not for the reason you?d expect.

It?s not the artificially increased height that turns heads. Rather, it?s how such footwear changes the mechanics of a woman?s gait.

?High heels may exaggerate the sex-specific aspects of the female walk,? a University of Portsmouth research team led by psychologist?Paul Morrisreports in the journal?Evolution and Human Behavior. While noting that preference in footwear is based in part on culture norms, they argue the enduring popularity of high-heeled shoes suggest their fundamental appeal stems from a deeper impulse.

To test whether walking in high heels increases one?s femininity and attractiveness, Morris and his colleagues conducted two experiments using a point-light display. Participants (15 men and 15 women) viewed dotted outlines of 12 women as they walked for a total of four minutes apiece?two minutes in high-heeled shoes, and two minutes wearing flats.

They were then asked to rate how attractive they found the figures.

?For all walkers, the attractiveness score was higher in the heels condition than in the flat condition,? the researchers report. Both males and females judged the women wearing high heels to be more attractive than those who wore flat shoes.

I’m not a big fan of high heels on women…how do readers find them? Is it true that they ‘increase one?s femininity and attractiveness‘?

Pretty sure if I took to high heels I’d be neither?feminine?nor attractive…I’d look just plain stupid.