Unspeakable Sin Committed In Maryland

Maryland sure knows how to celebrate the new year in style, reining in 2013 with its first gay marriage after the new law came into effect at 12am on New Years Day.

James Scales, 68, was married to William Tasker, 60, on Tuesday shortly after midnight by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake inside City Hall.

“It’s just so hard to believe it’s happening,” Scales said shortly before marrying his partner of 35 years.

Six other same-sex couples?were also being married at City Hall. Ceremonies were taking place in other parts of the state as well.

The ceremonies follow a legislative fight that pitted Gov. Martin O’Malley against leaders of his Catholic faith. Voters in the state, founded by Catholics in the 17th century, sealed the change by approving a November ballot question.

“There is no human institution more sacred than that of the one that you are about to form,” Rawlings-Blake said during the brief ceremony. “True marriage, true marriage, is the dearest of all earthly relationships.”

In total, nine states and the District of Columbia have approved same-sex marriage. The other states are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

James Scales, William Tasker

Well would you look at that. The good ol’ US of A is waking up one state at a time and recognizing the rights of two loving people being able to marry each other and have it legally recognized. Don’t they look happy? I sure hope Colin Craig isn’t reading, it might upset his delusion that it won’t happen here