Update on Union Financial Returns – Observation by the Owl

Well MUNZ seem to be still on summer holiday as they have only filed their revised accounts up to 2009. I could appreciate a small delay on not filing the 2010 and 2011 updated accounts but he only problem is that they have missed the deadline on filing their 2012 accounts.

The Incorporated Societies Registrar has received the full financial accounts from EPMU but have yet to upload on the website. 

This take five minutes but we understand the Registrar is reviewing them in-depth. Could be interesting.

Finally the Owl always acknowledge good work by Unions and today we have one. The FIRST Union in the NZ Herald said they represent approximately 27,000 members. A quick look at the official Department of Labour membership returns show they had 26,241. Isn’t it great to read facts which are true.

Observation by the Owl

“there is no upside in lying” – well done FIRST Union for being the first union to actually state the facts in 2013.

Unions folks like a good sing along, here is Pete Seegar’s union song “Which Side Are You On?”, covered by pommy lefty screamer Billy Bragg



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  • CJA

    Not surprising that they missed their deadline for 2012 due to the fact since they are restating all prior years your comparatives for 2011 won’t be right until all other previous years are correct. Man that would be a pain in the arse to do.

    • blokeintakapuna

      ..especially if you’re trying to be “creative” when it comes to being forced to acknowledge millions and millions in cash and assets not previously disclosed.

      It makes you wonder why the SFO & Auditor General aren’t launching multiple investigations, helping to disinfect their financials with brilliant sunlight??

    • StupidDisqus

      Yeah right. Must try that with my tax returns. I’m sure IRD will be forgiving.

      Fact is: filing those returns is a condition of registration. They didn’t file ’em, they should be deregistered, all their contracts cancelled back to minimum wage, 12 months notice required to quit, leaving earlier being a criminal offense, employer can sack for any reason at any time with no notice or redundancy required.

      • CJA

        Don’t disagree just stating the major reason why they “probably” haven’t filed them is that since all the previous years are incorrect there is a flow on effect to the next year. Won’t see 2012’s filed until they’ve got 2010 and 2011 right.

        • timandtim

          How long before we see the real EMPU accounts..Andrew Little must be a bit pensive for not providing full accounts to the public. That will haunt him next time he gets up in Parliament and asks for transparency and accountability don’t you think?

      • Hazards001

        You forgot:
        Chains and shackles to be provided at the employees expense, an annual deduction from wages to cover the cost of wear and tear to the whips and the replacement of any tools that have been worn out in the process of lining the scu…errr Honorable Employers pockets.

  • StupidDisqus

    mately 27,000 members. A quick look at the official Department of Labour membership returns show they had 26,241. Isn’t it great to read facts which are true.

    Heh heh heh. You almost had me here for a moment Owl.

    Still seen absolutely nothing that indicates anything other than totally banning unions will rid NZ of the plague they represent!