Westpac Inspiring Kiwi Futures

Via the tipline

Looks like the Government’s bank Westpac needs to lift its game. Here’s what you can have in your retirement if you invest in their KiwiSaver scheme – destitute, living in a shotgun shack, and wash yourself in an old rusty bath.

Certainly looks like Simon Power is having an influence:




SInce we are talking about shotgun shacks…this called for a bonus Talking Heads video:


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  • DLM

    You would think some highly paid clown in Westpac would think this is giving its customers all the wrong message. Seriously, they tuck New Zealand for billions of dollars each year, as well as sucking millions out of the government’s accounts in fees… but then again what do they care. It’s no wonder no one likes the banks these days.

  • rouppe

    You could take that view… Or…

    Living in the country, without a care in the world, and able to bathe naked on your back lawn without some holier-than-thou a-hole telling you what to do

  • The message that I get is that with them your retirement will be without cares. You can enjoy the good life and get a bit more money. For many people retirement is not the glitz and glamour just living an enjoyable life.

    I assume you don’t have an account with Westpac.