Whale Week What Was

Eppie Sprung-Dawson St Josephs.A top drawer start to Saturday with a post of a list of things extracted from people’s anal cavities. ?Principal Marlene Campbell continues to run amok under the protection of the NZEI. ?The list of her transgressions is substantial, yet she’s safe in the job. ?What does it take to get fired as a teacher these days? ?A former French presidential candidate, Corinne Lepage, is the cry baby of the week for insisting the rest of the world stop treating France with disrespect. ?Because of green taliban policies mandating bio-fuel content in fuel supplies farmers in the US are switching crops from producing food to producing fuel. ?This?has contributed to spikes in food prices and a shortage of land for food-based agriculture in poor corners of Asia, Africa and Latin America. ?In short, people are going hungry. ?We cheer ourselves up with a post about Luna, the Killer Whale. ?Fracking is greener than coal, and yet the green taliban won’t see the light. ? Parenting – you’re doing it right: Mom sells truck of son who got caught drink driving. ?Abuse of children isn’t limited to men, as we report on?Eppie Sprung Dawson, a Catholic school teacher who was having it away with the boys. ?But none of this ever happened in New Zealand. ?A reader then shares his thoughts about the ongoing Piers Morgan – Alex Jones debacle. ?The Photo of the Day covers he Haboob phenomenon. We next report on a suspicious fire. ?Or is it just coincidence? ?Corey Hondelink may just be the sort of person to be in the right spot at the right time? ?David Fisher does another Kim Dotcom press release and even manages a plug for a Labour government. ?What a busy boy. ?What does John Key think of Peter Goodfellow now Sanford has been fined USD$1.9 million for?pollution? ?This Blog continues to be amazed at the free ride that Kim Dotcom is getting from the media in this country. ?He was in the throes of launching an IPO while being a convicted fraudster for manipulating shares. ?Is all of the NZ Media mesmerised by this man? ?We close the day with a sad report about a cap having been attacked by at least five offenders. ?Kawhia locals had to step in to help out. ?This would not have happened had he been carrying a Glock.

buCjaSunday started with a video of the female fighters of Kurdistan, and part 2 and part 3 followed later in the day. ?Not only should people be allowed to own guns, they should be allowed to carry them in a concealed way. ?A good argument from Jeffrey Goldberg is interlaced with our own experience at Kawhia. ?A leaked IPCC report says Maori are more affected by climate change than anyone else, but the authors reveal themselves as politicaly motivated. ?It appears the Tea Party has lost 2/3rd of its support – their own favoured polling company delivers the bad news. The NZ Herald damages the career Tom Sherlock by captioning a picture of ?Aaron Forden with his name. ?We join the debate with Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens that the Catholic Church isn’t a force for good. We report on President George W. Bush selling his ute, and this is followed by a post on an interesting technology that seems to have merit for the production of low cost, green energy. That of Liquid Fluoride Thorium reactors. ?We amuse ourselves with a Ricky Gervais tweet before the post that generated the most feedback that day. ?A Labour Party member writes about reclaiming the left. ?Obama continues to be the greatest gun salesman of all time. ?We report on Aaron Forden destroying a custom-made cell. ?Our readers suggest Corrections just leave him in it. ?A silly video about Japanese inventions, including the iPhone Quick Draw?is followed by a post about gay NZ Defence Force staff marching in the Auckland Gay Pride Parade in uniform. The Whale Army also catches The NZ Herald being slack: ?The world’s oldest woman dies at 155 (should have been 115).

CaptureFGNAnd so we get to Monday, the first day of work for 2013 for a lot of you out there. Face of the Day started a brisk debate. ?Was the photo of the boy doing a nazi salute manipulated or not? ?In the wake of drunken idiots shooting one of their friends in the abdomen and killing him with an air rifle, we ask: ?Where are the calls to ban alcohol? ?Gareth Hughes tried to use the Rena accident to increase his relevance by declaring all sorts of disasters that never came about. ?In the mean time, the Costa Concordia is still lying there a year later, untouched. ?By taking the sexism test, we all discovered David Farrar is really a pinko lefty girls blouse. ?Rodney Hide and Matt McCarten have lost their bite in their columns, writing about bananas and diet. ?Cam Slater is so disgusted with Matt McCarten he writes his Herald column for him. ?Next a video about a man who released a trapped mouse back to nature, and nature promptly did what he didn’t have the balls to do. ?We report on the Czech presidential election results: Vladimir Franz came 5th. ?MUNZ have re-filed their 2009 accounts and apart from owing the IRD big amounts, they appear to have stolen the Welfare Fund to pay their taxes. ?Do the members know this? ?There is some serious meat in the comments on that one, with Owl and (what appears to be) a MUNZ member slugging it out. ?A post about Australian gun amnesty having failed, with gun ownership as high as ever. ?The new PPTA president, Angela Roberts complains that a Charter School submission deadline is when ‘most people are still on holiday‘. ?Well, most teachers are Angela, but the rest of us are back at work, you know? ?Man cards are in plentiful supply for Sigurdur Petursson as he beaches a shark bare handed and kills it with a knife – to protect his workers. ?We entertained the Whale Army with a Vladimir Putin caption contest. ?Maggie Barry was interviewed and tells us her philosophy: hit them back twice as hard. ?It seems to have worked as few lefties are willing to take her on. ?Maggie Barry next tells us that she never got married as she doesn’t see the point of Marriage, but similarly Barry sees no reason to stop others getting married. ?Michael Gove ignores the bleating Teachers Unions and better teachers will get more pay. ?Cam Slater is back at NewstalkZB with Susan Wood and Josie Pagani (audio tomorrow). ?Cam discovers some French are actually quite good at protesting. ?A post about a guy putting cats inside plastic bags before throwing them under moving cars manages to turn even Cam Slater’s stomach.

fdhTuesday started with a Charlie Brooker review of 2012 video?and was followed by yesterday’s audio from The Huddle. ?The Herald report on Customs dealing to a snake, but of course the Herald get the?species?wrong. ? A controversial post about Belgian twins choosing death over being deaf and blind. ?ABC anchor John Stossel fails to argue in favour ?of gun control when?Tom Palmer pointed out that the murder rate in D.C. increased after the city?s gun ban. ?Chris Trotter gets Comment of the Day with a pearler left on Cactus Kate‘s blog about David Cunliffe. ?Cam calls the PPTA on hypocrisy for criticizing a submission deadline falling during holidays when teachers get 13 weeks holiday themselves. ?Labour are starting 2013 the way they finished 2012: promise anything. ?Kris Fa’afoi is asked Show me the Money on NewstalkZB. ?Labour also want the?Napier-Gisborne Rail Line opened as the BERL report claims it may be profitable. ?Cam reminds Labour they ?didn’t want a bar of it when they were in charge. ?A report that the NZ economy took off during the December quarter?leads into a post requesting intact dead animals for a budding taxidermist. ?Gareth Morgan has so little to do, that his questionable expertise as an economist is now morphing into professional coaching and sports psychology. ?Obama admits that he will fail trying to control guns in any meaningful way. ?Bashar Hafez al-Assad the imaginary leader of Syria is now hiding off shore on a warship with security provided by the Russians. ?Education spokesperson Tracey Martin is exposed as a hypocrite. ?We report again on the Whangarei fire appliance that the NZ Herald sends all over the country to help out. ?Former prime minister Helen Clark has been hit with a devastating critique of her United Nations Development Programme. ?It seems they’re onto her evil ways. ?We close with the “news” that Lance Armstrong admits drug use. ?Really? ?Who would have guessed?

Sperm WhaleOn Wednesday we have it confirmed once again that Green Energy projects aren’t cost-effective. ?An audit has found that EU-funded energy efficiency projects are not cost-effective in EU member states. ?David Shearer is against immigration to Australia, but not the UK. ?There is just no consistency in Labour policy. ?The Global Warming house of cards keeps falling to pieces as more data supports that there is no link between warming and sea level rises. ?Cam Slater admires Fiji for it’s innovate electoral reform. ?Cam Slater’s hard work in exposing and promoting the idea of Silly First Name Syndrome is recognised when he is quoted as the source for the concept by?Bill Ralston on the Huddle. ?Cam Slater hits a raw nerve with a post about Gingers fighting back and is accused of bullying and causing depression in people with ginger hair. ?Jodie Foster coming out as lesbian is overshadowed by her keeping the company of Mel Gibson. John Campbell comes out of the closet and admits he voted Alliance. ?John Campbell is also launching the Labour Party talking points for the 2013. ?A post where Andrew Sullivan hates Piers Morgan too. ?Does anyone like him? ?Next two videos showing that People are Awesome. ?The Greens and Labour should hide their faces in shame for trying to sabotage The Hobbit from being made here. ?Heineken paid $55M for product placement in Skyfall, while NZ gave $67M in tax breaks to the three Hobbit movies. ?Snapped! published photos about the sperm whale on Paraparaumu Beach. ?Dr Rajen Prasad is joining the hypocrites as he sits on the board of a foreign bank while his party harps on about foreign ownership of banks. ?Publicis Mojo ad agency failure is linked to Greenpeace and Nestle. ?A Canterbury school teacher has admitted using a pen camera to film up the skirts of 17 girls at his work, shopping malls, and at home. ?Bet he was registered. ?And as if to punctuate it’s own?caricature?of itself, the NZ Herald posts an image of Madagascar with an article about Kenya. At least the Whangarei Fire Appliance got spared that trip. ?We close by asking when David Fisher will finally realise his love affair with Kim Dotcom should come to an end as more people are waking up to the realities of dealing with criminals.

dotcom_giapo-3Thursday‘s Face of the Day was of Sir Paul Holmes. ?Onya mate. ?Not quite done with Gingers, Cam adds parking wardens to the list of people to have a go at. ?Cam Slater calls time on people ?using depression as an excuse for their bad behaviour. ?Truth is also out for the week with a story on sham weddings and Cathy with the tats. ?The ODT reports a 20 year high in criminal offending by registered teachers. ?Farmers are the world’s biggest bludgers, always looking for handouts. ?Some Facts and Myths on Gingers doesn’t appease Pete George who appears to have taken on the job of Ginger defense spokesperson. ?Turns out most beef burgers contain horse and pork as well. ?Gingers get another blow by a call for no woman to ever date a Fanta pants. ??Australian?Catholics are protected in law and allowed to discriminate against gays. ?Obama is not just driving the best gun sales figures ever, he’s also a hypocrite. ?Audrey Young mixes up her Cromwells. ?But probably says she’s read a book that she hasn’t. ?Karen Vandenbroucke was the subject of the Photo of the Day. ?The Howick local government is in good hands with Michael Williams as the Enforcer. ?Not. ?What a dong. ?Hobbit haters like Labour, Greens and Unions now have Arnold Schwartzenegger in their sights as he considers using Sir Peter Jackson‘s Park Road Studios in Wellington for the sequel to Conan the Barbarian. ?Simon Power is already taking down Westpac as we see their Kiwisaver Scheme ending up with you living in such a small house that your bathroom is outside. ?An orca cut from a cucumber is of course an obligatory post. ?Doctors warn not to trust apps that diagnose your skin cancer. ?Cam Slater calls Labour a bunch of weasels for not taking on Arnold Schwartzenegger. ?NZ Police continue to ignore all Electoral Act breaches by refusing to prosecute. ?What’s the point of a law that isn’t enforced? ?A lazy end to the day with two videos: ?one about fighter jets doing high speed low pass flybys?and another about Battery Man, who is an illusionist master of electricity. ?We catch that sycophant David Fisher photo bombing a Kim Dotcom photo op.

8184376Another (TGI) Friday.? Lindsay Perigo has an article on Stuff and says it’s two years old. ?Not as old as he is then. ?A video about bad lip reading is followed by a post reporting on the Registrar of Incorporated Societies taking steps to hold the EPMU to account – finally. ?Alleged murderer is out on bail, wants bail for new crime. ?What’s wrong with our Bail laws? ?John Key has lost the plot: he’s left Hekia Parata in the job. ?Would he have accepted this level of failure in the commercial world? ?Social Media takes a bite out of Subway with a footlong showing only as 11 inches. ?The Daily Mail reports that guns are the best deterrent against crime. ?NZ Herald gets it right for once with crack reporter Bernard Orsman reporting on tree pelicans having been spotted in Auckland. ?A very basic cartoon shows why gun control only benefits the criminals. ?Photo of the Day shows unintentional erotic objects and a bonus video on?Object sexuality (objectum sexuality). ?Sledge of the day was about John Key‘s fainting: “I’d faint too if Hekia Parata was working for me“. ?Treaty will be misused to advantage Maori over anyone else if we’re not careful. ?A Constitutional Review could be way for Maori and sympathisers to subvert democracy. ?The Global Warming Scam is falling apart and the Media are finally waking up. ?Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Pope Benedict?s private secretary made the cover of Vanity Fair. ?We discover where David Cullen Bain gets his sweaters. ?The PPTA prove once more they are into politics more than they are into making sure children get the best education. ?The first poll of 2013 has National up and Labour downrush to the BBQs now! ?Gareth Hughes is going to burn a lot of bonfires instead of chipping or composting. ?Just to remind you: Gareth Hughes is a Green MP.