What do you have to do to get sacked as a teacher?

Imagine you are an activist?principal?..you point the finger and tell everyone else who things should be done…you even describe the government as Nazis and call the minister Hitler or Goebbels…you also abuse the Secretary of Education…and meanwhile your school is performing so badly, with high staff turnover and other numerous problems that statutory managers are called in…do you think you should be sacked?

Most of us would think a principal such as that described above should be sacked. Some would say that such a principal is a figment of my imagination, but they would be wrong.

That principal is Marlene Campbell…and she is keeping her job at Salford School despite statutory managers being called in.?

Salford School principal Marlene Campbell will stay in the job when classes resume, despite the appointment of a statutory manager to the school last year.

Christchurch-based employment advocate Peter Macdonald was appointed as statutory manager of Salford School by the Ministry of Education on November 5, after concerns about Ms Campbell’s leadership and high staff turnover were raised in an Education Review Office report.

A ministry spokeswoman said Mr Macdonald had finished an initial report on the school and would continue on as statutory manager.

“He will now work during the 2013 school year, with the board and the principal Marlene Campbell, to resolve identified issues.”

His role with the school would be reviewed after 12 months, the spokeswoman said.

Resolving the identified issues would be?easily?soved by giving Marlene Campbell the arse card.

However it appears that NZEI union bosses are a protected species and can’t be fired despite appalling poor performance and blatant bad behaviour.

Why isn’t the local Principal’s Federation lodging proceedings against her for bringing the profession into disrepute like they are doing in Whakatane against a principal who disagrees with them.

What does it take to get a bad teacher fired?