What is it with Catholics and buggering little children?

It’s the Germans this time.

A report about child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, based on victim accounts and released by the church this week, showed that priests carefully planned their assaults and frequently abused the same children repeatedly for years.

The report, compiled from information collected from victims and other witnesses who called a hot line run by the church from 2010 until the end of last year, includes the ages of the victims, the locations of the assaults and the repercussions they have suffered since. The accounts were provided in 8,500 calls to the hot line; they are not representative of abuse cases over all and cannot be individually verified. The church said the report contained information from 1,824 people, of whom 1,165 described themselves as victims.

Bloody Catholic priests, just can’t leave the kids alone. 

Germany’s bishops have vowed a thorough and impartial investigation into the abuse. Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier, who is looking into abuse cases for the German Bishops’ Conference, told reporters after the report was released on Thursday that it served as an example of that intention.

“I found particularly devastating the perpetrators’ lies to their under-aged victims that their actions were an expression of a loving bond with God,” he said Thursday. Claudia Adams, who said she was assaulted as a child in a preschool run by the church in a village near Trier, works through her trauma by blogging about the abuse scandal. The priest who abused her “told me that I was now ‘closer to God,’ ” she said in a telephone interview on Friday from her home near Trier.

Sounds like those priests were big fans of Nine Inch Nails:

WARNING: Video is NSFW, adult themes and strong language.


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  • Andrei

    A nice balanced story from the NYT I see – to bad that the claims are all anecdotal and yet to be verified. Some will be true no doubt and others just axe grinding..

    Still at least this is not “a gay witch hunt” the way it would be if a pillar of the English establishment had been accused of “buggering boys” in state care

    • Dion

      There rarely is with historic abuse cases. But then again I’m sure the church was highly receptive to the allegations at the time, weren’t they?

      I seem to recall that the standard response to a case like this was to move the perpetrators to another parish.

      • and sweep everything under the carpet, blame the victim and condemn them to purgatory for “telling lies”

    • Ronnie Chow

      You’re in early . Early bird gets the worm , and a slap on the wrist , back then .

      But not now . This ain’t nearly over , Andrei . It’s just beginning .

      By backing these pedo priests you are just like them .

      Just like them .

    • Oh the kindergarten argument…”they are doing it too”…yeah that works everytime.

      • Andrei

        Heavens no, Whale – just adding a little balance and perspective

        • There is no balance when it comes to the Catholic Church and their legacy of covering up child abuse…no balance…you cannot ever excuse abuse….to do so makes you an abuser too.

          The CC sanctimoniously tells people how they should live their lives all the while covering up heinous crimes against children.

          Astonishing that you think there needs to be balance in the argument.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Here’s your witch , Andrei…

      It seems pretty obvious to me – as it does to Angelo Quattrochi, whose book is reviewed by Toibin – that the current Pope is a gay man (just as it was blindingly clear that John Paul II was straight). I am not claiming that Benedict is someone who has explored his sexuality, or has violated his own strictures on the matter. There is absolutely no evidence of that, or of hypocrisy of any sort. But that does not mean that he isn’t gay. In fact, Ratzinger’s command that gay priests should actively lie about their orientation makes any public statement about this on its face lacking in credibility.
      But when you look at the Pope’s mental architecture (I’ve read a great deal of his writing over the last two decades) you do see that strong internal repression does make sense of his life and beliefs. At times, it seems to me, his gayness is almost wince-inducing. The prissy fastidiousness, the effeminate voice, the fixation on liturgy and ritual, and the over-the-top clothing accessories are one thing.
      But what resonates with me the most is a theology that seems crafted from solitary introspection into a perfect, abstract unity of belief. It is so perfect it reflects a life of withdrawal from the world of human relationship, rather than an interaction with it. Of course, this kind of work is not inherently homosexual; but I have known so many repressed gay men who can only live without severe pain in the world if they create a perfect abstraction of what it is, and what their role is in it. Toibin brilliantly explains this syndrome, why the church of old was so often such a siren call for gay men who could not handle their own nature.
      In Benedict, one sees a near-apotheosis of this type, what Quattrocchi describes as “simply the most repressed, imploded gay in the world.”

  • sandynobb

    The Roman Catholic Church has withdrawn from an independent examination
    of sexual abuse

  • Pharmachick

    This is horrible. While I’m as cynical as the next person… I really do *hope* that they identify these pedophiles and turn them over to the authorities. More likely is that they’ll identify them, then cover it up. :-(

  • If you are Catholic then basically you are a Ped…or are ok with letting it slide……

  • J.M

    As a Catholic, this is one of the things that has caused me to drift away from the church. It has to be said that the abuse is historical in nature, but the church needs to do a better job of addressing what was done. I recently discovered that some of my father’s cousins were abused as children, and the church had to have known that the priest in question was an abuser.
    That said Cam, some disclosure from you, what is your religious background? I say that as there are elements of NZ protestant society who are anti-Catholic and use this sort of thing as a veil for anti-Catholic hate speech.

  • Wallsingham

    Another product of a catholic education that has withdrawn from the community. Not even a mass at Easter or Christmas. The sanctimony, supercilious arrogance, silence, ridicule and denial associated with this medieval institution of sexual hysterics rivals the criminal idiocy of Scientology. And oh yes, do you pay! Is the Pope Catholic?