What will Morgan’s big mouth cost him?

Now that Gareth Morgan has upset every animal lover, including every middle aged woman in New Zealand, can we expect some serious capital outflows from his underperforming KiwiSaver fund that bears his name? Why would people want to invest their money with someone who wants to kill all the cats?

And Kiwibank won’t be pleased with the bang up job Gareth is doing on the Kiwisaver fund they bought off Gareth a year ago?

I wonder if there are any clawback provisions for the purchase price since Gareth is now destroying their Kiwisaver brand?

Or has crafty Gareth chosen to open his mouth a full one year after the purchase date, perhaps conveniently outside any clawback date?

The TAB won’t be taking bets on how quickly Kiwibank will rebrand the Mad Moustache Fund into something a little less controversial.

Mad Morgan certainly knows no bounds when doing nutty things. In the last year or so he’s:

 Perhaps Morgan was drunk when he opened his mouth… we can call him Captain Morgan from now on…

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  • Stuart Dumphries

    Morgan appears to be unwell.

    • Lopsy

      Never liked him from the moment he first appeared on our TV screens as some sort of “go to economics guy”. He was kind of inscrutable then but now is the epitome of that most irritating modern phenomenon, the stonking rich guy who suddenly develops a Jesus complex. The idiot thinks that his wealth gave him the gift of prescience and wisdom. It didn’t. It only gave him the bold arrogance to think that. Ask the Phoenix football team. Now he’s after our much loved family kitty. Sod off git. Only the terminally stupid are impressed by you.

  • starboard

    I bailed from rat faces shitty little kiwisaver fund last year after getting fuck all in the way of returns. The guys obviously got too much time on his hands…and too much of my coin.

    • Prince

      Same here starboard – all mouth and fees, no performance or return.

  • AnonWgtn

    Morgan fooled KiwiBank into buying his Kiwisaver account for $50 million late last year.
    It was the worse performing Kiwisaver Managed account of them all.
    All Kiwibank got was a list of names.

  • boristhefrog

    Oh come on now… surely you can’t beat up on New Zealand’s one and only certifiable eccentric?? We I do know that he is certifiable now…

    BTW is he what an American would call a ‘douchebag’? Not sure what a douche is but the description seems to fit based on my watching of American TV shows….

    • Hazards001

      hahaha…if you don’t know what a douche is I’m not going to be the one here to tell you…but put it this way, you probably wont want to take your lunch to work in it.

    • disqus_wMsITO4Q42

      “One and only?” Surely Bob Jones qualifies, doesn’t he?

  • Teletubby

    ‎”Being rich clearly does not give you skills transferable to areas outside your domain of competence” – Sam Morgan on Twitter 26/9/2012. Pay attention Daddy!

  • Future returns are no indication of future performance.

    The funds in his scheme are invested for the long term. Long term is 20 years plus. Thus one year of bad results though anoying for investors is no indication of the long term performance. The question is this – how much is he charging in Fees and how long does this performance last.

  • Troy

    The demented fuckwit strikes again – no surprises there.

  • David

    I have two Burmese cats which are excellent companions. Presently, I am in the Gareth Morgan Kiwisaver fund, but I’m not impressed with Morgan’s outburst so I will change funds promptly. Can anyone recommend a good fund?

    I think Morgan means well but he is on the wrong track here. We all know that cats are excellent hunters and yes they do kill birds. But I’m not convinced that cats are the biggest problem. I believe introduced predators like stoats, weasels, rats, possums and wasps are a greater threat to native birds than cats.

    And of course Morgan overlooks the most dangerous predator of them all… us, humans. Since NZ was colonised man has destroyed most of the native bird’s habitats. Forests have been burnt and felled, swamps drained and bush land cleared to turn into pasture or towns and cities. Man has been responsible for destroying far more native birds than the previous mentioned predators combined.

    • stinkeye3

      ASB seem to be pretty good