What’s in a brand name?

It is a little known fact that my brother-in-law is intellectually disabled. He calls me his Cam-in-law.

My BIL doesn’t use many words, but I have encouraged him over the years to stand up for himself and sledge too. Anyway he also comes up with some funny sayings sometimes.

Lately he has been suffering from some stomach upsets and the only thing that works is Mylanta.

He is a little confused by the brand name though and it is too hard to explain…so hey we just run with it. 

The other day he was feeling a bit of heartburn and so he asked his mum if he could have some of “Your Lanta”…my mother-in-law replied to him “You mean Mylanta”.

His reply was “Yes, some of Mum’s Lanta”.

It is just easier now to call it Lanta…usually with a little snigger at the in family joke.


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  • Richard McGrath

    Years ago a patient of mine was prescribed medication for an enlarged prostate which had been causing urinary problems. One day he went to the pharmacy and asked for his “pee pills”. The pharmacy staff were horrified as they thought he was asking for some methamphetamine…