Who is to blame for the Milk scandal?

There is a great deal of press regarding the DCD milk scandal…but who is to blame?

Of course it is easy to blame the useless repeaters intent on massive headlines…which of course I did. But the real root of the issue lies with smelly hippies and the green taliban.

They have been intent on demanding our farmers be clean and green…look at this list of Labour and Green luminaries that implored the use of this ‘technology’

The Labour Party:

“We have been gratified by the support we have received for Eco-n from the Government with the very positive visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Jim Anderton.

Mr Anderton’s visit was followed by a visit from Associate Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.”

Ravensdown Annual Report 2006


“Minister of Agriculture, Jim Anderton welcomed the results from controlled research trials showing nitrogen inhibitors have the potential to reduce nitrogen losses by up to 60 –70 per cent. The recent review was released tonight by the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGGRC).”

Beehive Media Release, 2006, Hon Jim Anderton


 “There is a great deal that farmers can and are doing about these problems, beginning with nitrogen budgeting and fencing riparian areas, and going on to nutrient management plans and the use of nitrogen inhibitors – all of which can be shown to improve farm productivity and profitability.”

Beehive Media Release, 2007 David Benson-Pope/Jim Anderton


A ‘once in a lifetime’ breakthrough is how the Minister Responsible for Climate Change Issues, David Parker, describes the development of eco-n nitrification inhibitor technology at Lincoln University.”

Lincoln University Media Release


“This company [Ballance Agri-Nutrients] is advocating the use of nitrogen inhibitors and nitrogen budgeting for farmers. This means farmers can cut nitrous oxide emissions, at the same time as saving money and reducing nitrogen run-off into streams and rivers.  Projects such as these demonstrate how New Zealanders are already working to overcome the challenges of climate change

Beehive Media Release, 2007 Hon David Parker

The Green side of the ledger:

“Rod Oram has another good article on climate change in today’s Sunday Star Times, this time engaging in the argument over whether dairy can reduce its emissions and whether it will make money or cost money.  The basic argument is around the role of nitrification inhibitors. Nitrous oxide from fertilisier and urine is about a third of agricultural greenhouse emissions. Nitrification inhibitors such as eco-n being promoted by Ravensdown decrease the breakdown of the fertiliser into nitrous oxide (greenhouse gas) and nitrates (which pollute waterways). In the process they not only reduce greenhouse emissions and waterway pollution, but they also make more nitrogen available to the grass and you get better pasture growth. Nitrification inhibitors are already being used by a significant minority of farmers in some places.”

Dr Russel Norman, 30 September 2007


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Like the GT pushing for untreated timber to be used in buildings and what do we get substandard buildings that rot. Cant have an open cast at Pike River, resiult Dead Men.

  • backster

    Also the Australian bushfires, billions of US Gvt Dollars on failed solar and wind turbine firms, millions starving because US cornfarmers subsidised to produce corn for ethanol rather than food forcing up the cost of chicken and cattle in the process. Spain goes broke subsidising unproductive green jobs. NZ should learn from, rather than repeat the folly of others.

    • Hazards001

      ” NZ should learn from, rather than repeat the folly of others.”
      Good luck with that. This is the country that introduced MMP after many other countries in the world had already shown how coalition Government hamstrings policy and leads to corruption and backroom deals for piss weak policy to placate menial partners. And if you want a good example look no further than the Supercity. Thanks Rodney.

  • Patrick

    So who will hold the Commies responsible? Certainly not the MSM. Is it time The New Truth took on this role & went after the lying self promoting sacks of shite & held them accountable? Otherwise all that is left is John Campbell fawning over them.

  • cows4me

    We need a fucken politician inhibitor or even better maybe Ravensdown could develop a Melon emergence knock down fertiliser.

    • Hazards001

      I’m trying to see it…but all I really see is ancient birdshit exploding against New Age Sack of Shit