Who voted for him? His mum?

People always accuse me of making shit up.

I wish I was making this up:

Len Brown has been named seventh best mayor in the world.

The Auckland Mayor received the honour on the WorldMayor.com website.

One testimonial says he has been an inspirational and down-to-earth leader through a period of upheaval during the amalgamation into a ‘supercity’.

The shame…  

Just yesterday I published a post that Aucklanders are now considered nice people and well liked.

That’s dead and buried now.


Len in Fiji



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  • Mitch82

    I knew you’d be spitting tacks over this :D

  • Travis Poulson

    Wait a second, are there only 7 mayor’s left in the world now?

    • Mitch82

      I would have actually swallowed Tim Shadbolt making the list.. there are generations of SIT students who’ll tell you about the time he rocked up to their party and had a few with them.

      • Travis Poulson

        Tim’s actually a good bloke in my opinion, and a great mayor, that’s what he’s lasted so long. He’s done good for the city, certainly did a good job from what I saw when I was living in Southland. He’s sure as hell done alot more than this cringeworthy muppet up here.

  • Shoreboy57

    Must have had the Council PR machine working overtime to put that entry up

  • Rockfield

    FFS, positions eighth and beyond been bloody dire ….

  • Whafe

    This guy makes me piss blood, I dislike him as much as Helen Clark……..

    We are going to have this fuck chop for another term to I bet, but nobody voted for him

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

  • Sooty

    He will now have to make a council funded trip now to receive his award. At the pointy end of the plane. With the missus?

  • Teletubby

    Wasn’t this one of those stupid online vote things, which the Whale Army has already proved several times are very easily rigged if you have enough voters with enough devices

    • Morrissey

      Well, at least it gave Penny Hulse something to do for the last few days.

  • steve and monique

    Top seven wankers list more like