Will he stay on? The problem with Michael Williams

"Hey you, fetch me some vodka"

“Hey you, fetch me some vodka”

There are a number of issues that stem from the Herald revelations into Michael Williams’ problems.

The first thing is that drinking and driving is a serious offence, one that shows significant misjudgment by an individual, and is often a window into someone’s wider health problems. It is not the sort of crime that automatically deserves sacking, though for many employees, it is specified in their contract that a DIC conviction means a job dismissal.

The second thing is that the resisting arrest charge is a VERY serious charge, and if proven, is completely incompatible with someone elected to public office and who is expected to be a pillar of the community. A charge like this should mean the person should automatically stand down from their political responsibilities until either found innocent or guilty.  

Thirdly, a politician who is found guilty of drinking and driving should not automatically resign from politics, but should be removed from any higher decision-making offices held as a politician. e.g. – the Ruth Dyson case where she resigned as Cabinet Minister when arrested – not when found guilty.

Fourthly, a politician who is found guilty of drinking and driving AND also resisting arrest is not fit to hold any form of political office. They should resign immediately. They can not have the confidence of the people if they are both capable of misjudgment and violence/abuse or consider themselves above the law.

Lastly, Michael Williams holds a job as Chief Financial Officer of Treescape, a prominent tree removal company with over 250 staff that is 50% owned by major corporate Vector Networks.

A C level officer employed by a large corporate is expected to show leadership. A C-Level officer should be stood down from their role as Chief Financial Officer if on criminal charges of resisting arrest and drinking and driving. If found guilty they would be expected to fall on their sword immediately.

And a C-Level officer who brings Treescape and Vector into disrepute is a corporate liability, who deserves sacking. This shit storm of bad coverage is only just beginning.

Michael Williams, you may be the biggest loser of 2013. Hope the vindictive jihad on your deputy at the Howick Local Board was worth it.


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  • Jimmie

    I hope he goes down Whale as he sounds like a scum bag who is going get his just deserts.

    I would point out that the additional charge is not resisting arrest but is refusing to accompany an officer.

    This does not necessarily involve physical violence but simply a refusal to actively go with the cop after having been lawfully required to accompany.

    Process is something like this: Cop does a Breath Screening test = fail. Cop lawfully requires the driver to accompany to a Police station and gives the Bill of Rights. (This is detention not arrest)

    If at this point the driver refuses to go with the cop then the cop is permitted to arrest the driver for failing to accompany them to the station.

    If during the arrest process the driver goes nuts punching and trying to stop the cop from arresting them then they can also be charged with resisting arrest (A Crimes Act charge not Land Transport Act charge)

    He was pretty dumb as it is pretty hard to get off the failing to accompany charge even if the following breath/blood test showed that he was under the limit.

    All round I would say his political career is toast especially with trying to cover it up for the last 6 months – Ms White will be crying a river today not. What would be really funny is if she gets his job.

  • peterwn

    Mike seems to have been outmaneuverd on this one – his foes have probably had the grenade for some little while now and were waiting for the right opportunity to pull the pin. Wonder if there will be scurrying to cancel tomorrow’s meeting.

  • williamabong

    He lines up, he shoots, he scores, just one slight problem, the ball goes into his own goal.

    A couple of very responsible positions held by a “soon to be” criminal,

    The other point was it a company vehicle, and if so what would be the companies stance if this happened to any other manager, me thinks serious disciplinary proceedings, watch this space.

  • fozzie2

    Seems like there is a bit of your own ” jihad” happening here – smell a Rat – the deification of Miss Adele vs the master Rat Williams – whose the real organ grinder behind this National Party family spat ???

  • Dave

    I smell a bigger rat. Williams knows he is fucked, I suspect he thought he could outsmart everyone.

    1) Install one of his mates as Deputy, roll Adele

    2) Stand down a few weeks later once chrages etc become public, hand the reigns to his mate.

    3) Prompt his mate on what to do, now Adele is out of the way, in reality he still directs everything behind the scenes.

    4) Wait 6 to 12 months, come back clean and pure after his mate resigns for personal reasons.

    His problem is, if he can’t roll Adele, she takes over as chief, and he knows he is a goner, never to return. Watch his faction run to the other side, as he will try and take them with him, destroying them as well, selfish little git.

    What really gets to me, is he accuses Adele of not having time, yet he is a Full Time CFO, a busy role. Does his employer actually realize how much of their time he spends on his Chair of the Local board role.

    • LabTested

      “Does his employer realize how much of their time he spends etc..”

      I see a lot of Treescape trucks doing what I assume is council work in central suburbs. No doubt they love having a man on the inside.

      I can’t post links as I am on the tablet, but Google shows Treescape has/had a 5 year contract with Manukau city council, which I think covered Howick.

      I wonder what the value of their existing council work is?

      Conflict of interest?