Will Labour’s affordable housing look like this?

Free hundy for a one beddie, and Free Fiddy for a free beddie. For that, you get to live in the worst suburb in the Wellington Region (Pomare) with Mongrel Mob gang members as neighbours. The most feared words in Pomare will be “Yo bro, I’m yo new neighbah”

While pricing is still being worked out, “we’re trying to do some affordable housing.

“We’re not trying to turn this into an Avalon or a Military Rd . . . we can’t do that.”

The aim is to provide two- bedroom, one-bathroom, one- garage 96sqm homes on a 250sqm section for about $300,000. Three- bed, two-bath, two-garage 118sqm places on larger sections could go for $350,000 to $375,000.

The three HNZ Star flats – each with 12 two-bedroom units – would remain, perhaps with some extra decking.



I’m sure the Gen Y buyers wanting Herne Bay and Devonport might be disappointed when they see what the Government can really do for $300k in the Auckland region. 

Yep good luck selling that to the Labour luvvies in the leafy suburbs. Their AAA policy will be dead in the water:



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  • In Vino Veritas

    Yeah, sort of ironic that the people who the Herald line up as “struggling to buy a house” and who say “the government should do something”, are those that won’t have a bar of these shit boxes.
    I guess there might be one saving grace, some of the long term state house tenants might be able to afford a place in the city. But then, why trade a three bed place with a back yard for the kids for a two bed shoe box apartment?

  • ConwayCaptain

    In the 50’s and 60’s the UK councils built high rise apartments all over the place. These are now being demolished as they are high rise slums. If Loopy and Co looked at this they would realise that you cannot shove another 1 milll people into Akl withing the existing boundaries.
    As ysay all the Liebour luvvies in Herne Bay etc will be running for their lives if these slums were built

    • parorchestia

      Yet as you know Captain, many cities have high rise apartments that are very liveable – New York, Singapore, …. So, what is that makes them OK but the British ones not? Can we not have good quality high rise? Even some of the old English ones are OK – Battersea for example.

      • DJ

        What a dumb argument. The high rises you talk of do not have apartments that equate to $300k in value. The ones that do are in the bronx and other squalid areas. As was Captain’s point. The more you cram them in, the more problems you have.

        • parorchestia

          DJ, may I suggest you read what I wrote! Battersea estates aren’t expensive. Singapore has excellent high rises for workers.Tokyo has good high rise housing for its low paid people. So do most big cities in the worlds. I think the English made their own problems and still are. We don’t have to follow them.

          • In Vino Veritas

            parochestia, I think the issue here is that the people the Greens and Labour are targeting are the lowest denominator. Those with limited ability to raise credit and those therefore that have the greatest risk of default. And those who are more likely to be a risk to the community. ie: creating a housing slum.
            The people you see on TV and in the Herald moaning about not being able to buy an affordable house can easily manage one, if they manage their expectations. (and its more than likely they don’t see themselves living in a 90sqm apartment!)

          • StupidDisqus

            Because Singapore doesn’t have a dole, and dosen’t have any bludgers. NZ could build some pretty damn nice infill houses or apartments on the 25BILLION we flush away every year on the dole!

          • Lofty

            If I could give u more ups I would.

      • ConwayCaptain

        In Japan and Singapore they are used to living cheek by jowl and are a law abiding community. The Japanese are v polite and Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world. Singapore you be a naughty person and it is the cane.
        The high rise apartments that are good are used by a better class of people who own/lease them. Ours will be populated by the HNZ type and we know what happens there.

        • parorchestia

          Well, you have identified the problem and no doubt can suggest how we deal with it!

        • Mr_Blobby

          Yet again we carry on with the same tried and failed policies. You build reasonable quality housing, then put the scum that can’t or won’t look after themselves in it and wonder why they trash the place.

          At a loss as to why it is our responsibility to house this feral scum. Let them fend for themselves like the majority of the rest of the World.

  • Phar Lap

    To make it more of a disaster,i heard the little fat frog Turei ex Mcgillyserious party and Aotea marijuana party.Now resident as part owner of the RED/”green” party say they will also have a housing scheme ,where the tenants can buy the property.Of course all funded by the do mores, to give the money to the do nothings.NZ the way the commie socialist parties want it.

    • SJ00

      Yeah the policy is in an article on the horrid. I won’t bother linking to it. Something like $350 pw to own the house. All relying of course on the magical $300k house. Magical because about the only place to build them will be in the clouds as I doubt they will find a single plot of land close to Auckland and build a house on it (the policy is aimed at parents with dependent children, so at least 2 bedroom if not 3 bedroom). Thank god the Greens will show us all how to grow these money trees they have to pay for this. Or chop down trees to start printing more money, which is free of course.

      • cows4me

        Since when have socialists ever worried about something trival like paying for it. If the commies get their rein of terror the public works act will be maxed out and land will be as cheap as they dictate.

  • GregM

    The whole thing is not going to work. Try getting a mortgage on an apartment in the CBD now. The banks require at least 30% deposit, and won’t lend on anything smaller than 50 m2. Why would they lend 95% to a low income first home buyer to purchase a shitbox with the gangs as your next door neighbour? It’s complete bullshit.

    • John Q Public

      That’s the irony – the 3 bedroom shit box next to the gang house in Porirua can be bought on 5-10% deposit, but the apartment in the CBD can’t. That’s the tragedy, the housing shortage in Auckland could be solved tomorrow if apartment lending criteria was loosened (and before cliched comments are made about AK apartments, there are many many available over 50sqm)

      • GregM

        Agreed. Mine is 58 m2, and I manage 43 others, all between 47-120 m2.

      • StupidDisqus

        Bludgers & labour/Green voters etc don’t deserve more than 50spm anyway.
        Hell they don’t deserve 20.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Well… Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae have some answers from past experiences… and just look at how well those “unintended consequences” went for them and then the USA’s and the World’s economy…

    • Mr_Blobby

      Why don’t we just evict the gangs, problem solved. I for one don’t want to provide any assistance to help them maintain there antisocial lifestyle.

      • StupidDisqus

        Evict with a Glock? Sure!
        Otherwise, no private landlord would take ’em for any money…

        • Lofty

          We still get them though SD…. Sneaky fuckers….

          • GregM

            Ask all the applicants for tenancy if they will consent to a police check.That eliminates about 25% to start with.
            If they won’t sign the consent, see ya.
            Also check references personally, “the bosses” phone number at work is often one of their mates. There goes another 25%.
            Beneficiary of any type? see ya, another 25%.
            That leaves 25% of good quality people, the one who has been the longest in their last tenancy is usually a good starting point.
            Interview your shortlist twice, candidates are very different second time around.
            And yes, I have been burnt by ( taxpayer funded) tenants who know how to work the system and if I ever see them in the street I will break their bloody legs.
            But I guess these types will be welcomed into yet more taxpayer funded housing by the left, because as always they are not the ones paying for it.

  • Rodger T

    So do I get a free Falcon with that too, Bro?

  • stinkeye3

    “So I have to take personal responsibility of my family and earn money to buy a house? Nah, easier to trash the free one aye”

    • Lofty

      It is bloody “eh”

  • starboard

    ” Phoo aye kids…this where we gunna set up our new crack house courtesy ‘dem stupid white honkys “

    • Hazards001

      It’s “eh”

      • starboard

        ..he’s irish maori so its aye in this case

  • steve and monique

    Never has a picture spoken volumes about what is wrong with Housing corp,and Labour wanting to carry on with the joke. Ok I know this post is about affordable housing,and I guess it will be once shitbag families like the one above move in to your nice area,and your property values drop.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Why would you even allow somebody wearing gang colours into the building.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    It’s almost like the Mighty Monkey Mob is blackmailing Labour into this to get their vote.
    Come on now, who in Liarbour is a secret Monkey Mob Member?

  • StupidDisqus

    Anyone on a relatively poor income of say $150,000 with a deposit of $250,000 has no problem affording a house.

    But bludgers will bludge until, finally, we stop the dole!

  • pukakidon

    Hopefully it will be a gated community but we hold the keys and the fences are very high

    • Dave

      Yes, the Mongrel Mob member in the photo was hoping it was a Gated Community too. And thinking, hahahaha those bloody government types, we will all move in, change the bloody locks to the main gate, and they cant touch us. Aperahama can live there, That would sort Haora, and Hanara would like that one. We could grow our dope in that park. Just gotta work out where to leave all the cars ah bro.

  • They’ll end up like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUIk5LnI6vg