World’s 7th best Mayor gives us a lesson in weasel words

Len Brown is, apparently, the world’s 7th top mayor, has given us a top-notch lesson in weasel words today, which probably goes a long to understanding just how he managed to get such a top placing.

Mr Brown said in a statement yesterday that legal costs had reduced since the 2010 amalgamation of councils. Prudent financial management across the Auckland Council organisation had also seen proposed rate increases fall for the third year in a row, the council’s international credit ratings upheld, and forecast savings and efficiencies of $1.7 billion across the 10 years of the current long-term plan.

Look at that…the legal costs for Watercare are a massive $10,000 per day, but legal costs across all of the city are supposedly down…and his rates hikes are described as falling…I mean WTF!

How on earth can you describe rates increases of the maximum,?artificially?and arbitrarily set 10% falling.

Pure weasel words. It is time we had some weasel stomping.?