World’s best ever Sysop lifts his skirt, shows world he doesn’t wear undies

Oh dear…Lynn Prentice, the guy with the girls name and the world’s best sysop is showing us the traffic over the Christmas break and explaining why he needs a multi-layered, industrial strength server set up for what is in reality a flea blog with flea traffic.

The primary server has been moved out into the offshore cloud far away from the expensive costs of having to pay for the costs of the Southern Cross cable monopoly. The ~5% of our traffic from human readers offshore wasn’t a problem. However the searchbots (most recently the bloody bingbot) and spambots causing us to exceed our “free” datacap on overseas traffic. This was $3/GB when we started on the old server and is now $1/GB.

However it has cost us thousands of dollars in variable per GB charges since I moved the server back to NZ in 2011. Does nasty things to the site’s operating budget. For instance in November it cost $103 extra because the Bing searchbot tried to read the entire site including every comment link. They nearly did a million page views in November and 600k in December. The really irritating thing is that we get very few incoming searches from Bing. I’ve now constrained Bing to a more limited diet.

Which is all mumbo-jumbo pseudo tech speak that says in reality, that “though I am the world’s greatest sysop I’ve managed to be tucked by smarter people than me into paying thousands extra in traffic charges because I knew best”….

And it isn’t as though the traffic warrants it. 


Labour/ Green lap-blog “The Standard” holiday traffic

He claims that the drop off in traffic which is “traditional” allows him to do the job of server moves while he picks toe jam out from under his nails, in his sleep.

Meanwhile on Whaleoil traffic hasn’t diminished at all… in fact it is increasing.

Dec-Jan stats WOBH

Holiday traffic at NZ’s number one blog

I could have been like the worlds’ greatest sysop and written a post wanking on about all sorts of tech shit no one cares about.

Instead I will deal with exactly the same thing as him in just one sentence.

“I host my site with Linode and it costs me $61.00 a month, my uptime has been 100% for 18 months.”


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  • stinkeye2

    i had to laugh at the comments in that artical, especially this one:

    The difference between say, Fisher and Paykell moving overseas to
    save costs (which you lefties were pissing yourselves over) and you
    moving your website overseas to save cost is?

    Both make good business sense, yet one is worse then the other?

    I smell hypocrite.

    i’m surprised it wasn’t banned or moderated out

    • stinkeye2

      Update: LOL

      HOw is his comment nonsense?

      You guys are all for “keeping jobs and everything in new zealand to
      be paid for by everyone but the end user”, then your dear blog owner
      goes and makes it user-pays, to save some cash

      He’s just as bad as a corporate, but I don’t see you guys getting all angry about him doing so.

      Keep The Standard in New Zealand!

  • Morrissey

    The world’s best sysop has just banned this writer, i.e., moi, for one month, following a shrieking meltdown by one of his colleagues. When—if—you read it, take note of the chilling demonstration of hive-mind syndrome by the outraged regulars…

    • Crack up. Rather than just get on with your comment/ignore it, they all band together and have a waah about it. Kind of reminds me of the general content of the blog. Perhaps its a socialist thing? I don’t know – but it all seems to run in the same direction.

      • Morrissey

        What amused me (kind of) was QoT affecting moral outrage at my nasty (mildly nasty at worst) little link. Just have a look, if you can bear it, at some of her posts. She swears like a bus-load of Australian sex tourists. When they’re pissed. And particularly witless.

        • I cant even read the crap being spewed forth at the standard, its so far off modern English that it is as painful as reading Moby Dick, but I doubt it will be revered in 150 years…
          I’m not sure why labourites always feel the need to break out the thesaurus when writing a comment / article. Perhaps it makes them feel big.

          I think one big thing that helps Whale’s popularity is that he does not attempt to censor the comments that may be taken offensively – unless they are truly disgusting.

        • grumpy

          QoT is part of the radfem group who have promoted the forced abortion of male foetuses.
          A real nutter, and a Labour stalwart – what does that tell you?

        • grumpy

          This lot…..

          ….and she has the gall to get her tits in a tangle….

    • cows4me

      Oh dear Morrissey how will you cope?

      • Morrissey

        The ban’s just been doubled, after a young friend of mine tried to intervene for me. Note the intemperate language used by the World’s Best Sysop….

        • maninblack

          fuck thats halarious- its just a totalitarian state at the standard.

          • Morrissey

            I’m afraid you are correct.

        • Good value. What a bunch of pussies. Probably the first group to throw rocks at the cops at a lockout – and the first to yell ‘brutality’ when they get whacked with the baton.

          I know I have seen some pretty viscious comments on the standard before – of course they wont be moderated if they align with the moderators own agenda/beliefs.

    • Many others have been banned, wear the badge with pride…and continue commenting here

      • Mr_V4

        Getting banned on the sub-standard is par for the course these days.
        A birdie would be getting a comment in without them realising it is an insult.
        An eagle would be getting a sledge in about the Labour party.
        An albatross would be getting in a sledge at the Labour party+at least one mod..
        An (arse)hole-in-one would be delivering a comment so devastating that Lynn be committed to a mental institute after it breaks one of his servers!

    • Hazards001

      Huh? Ther’s something wrong with being a “misogynist, an anti-semite and a gay-basher”? Well I’ll be buggered…who knew!

      • Morrissey

        I know you’re only joking, my friend. The fact is, though, I am none of those things, and the people spraying around the foul abuse know I am not.

        • Hazards001

          I’m a member of a tiny minority. I’m male, white, straight, employed and I don’t believe in hocus pocus. So I pretty much don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me because everyone hates me for being so fucking strange anyway!

      • grumpy

        You mean….”well, i’ll be buggered for a Jewish whore” – don’t you?

    • Bunswalla

      I don’t unnerstand most of them fancy two-dollar words, but what I did see was you being a bit of a knob.

      • Morrissey

        Well, yes, I was indeed a bit of a knob, just ripping into that thread with a totally irrelevant link. But that’s what I do—occasionally. This is the internet, after all! A simple “Fuck off, loser” would have fixed my silly little impulsive act, at least for a day or two.

        But QoT lacks the wherewithal and the wit to deal with a trouble-maker; hence the absurd display of punctilious PC posturing.

        • grumpy

          She is a control freak. Just imagine what it will be like if Labour get in……….

    • BR

      Banned by your own, eh Mowithey?


  • Pete George

    The world’s best sysop seems to be trying to become the blogosphere’s best comedian, maybe it’s his plan to plot a bigger site stats graph for this year.

    The Contrarian: Anyway – I don’t hate this place. it is such an amusing echo chamber.
    And I don’t hate Lynn either – but he comes across as such an arrogant
    blowhard it’s hard not to taunt him.

    [lprent: Reducing you to a whimpering wreck when you get too
    damn full of yourself really doesn’t take too much effort. Doing in a
    way that looks exactly like you do to others is quite simple. I’m
    surprised you haven’t caught on to the technique yet?]

    Whale is never that funny.

    It’s also fun to try and guess which anonymous commenters at TS are now under the control of the PR Labour machine. I wonder how well the WBES gets on with Clare Curran.

  • Ahahaha. Its not really that he has a bad provider – its more that he doesn’t insert the metacode to block (or limit) search engines. Does he really need every page of poison catalogued by bing (or google)? Most people on that steaming diatribe already know the url… I think that each facet of IT normally requires a different set of skills – I myself would not attempt to maintain the traffic coming to a website that has more than a few hits per month – perhaps he should consider outsourcing to someone who know what they are doing?

    • toby_toby

      I’m no IT surgeon – does robots.txt solve the problem he’s having?

      If he isn’t using methods to block or restrict web crawling search engines, then I can only conclude that it’s because he wants all of his hate blog indexed by search engines. Except now he’s having a whine about that happening, which is a logic fail typical of lefties. He’s wants something, but isn’t willing to pay for it.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        The problem he’s having is requests to his website. Even the robots.txt has to be retrieved.

        He could have just nuked overseas traffic, but that’ll stop 5% of his userbase, or 3 people.

    • D G

      The problem is that he actually thinks he knows everything about the internet, ever. Just ask him about how DNS should operate and then grab a beer because you’d swear you were at a comedy club.

  • The world’s best sysop works for either blogger or wordpress.

  • redeye

    Was the 14th of Dec benefit day by any chance?

    • stinkeye2

      Don’t be silly – pubs have Wifi now

  • Michael

    1 million page views a month is only about 24 hits a minute, that’s not a lot for a search bot. A caching layer would probably help with loads, but a _real_ sysop would have noticed the increase in bandwidth (nagios/cacti/ganglia/etc for monitoring isn’t hard to setup) within a day or two of the increase and reacted accordingly. Seems like he was caught with his pants down.

    Linode rocks too. I have used them for years and recommend them.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I can’t stand that website.

    People like Colonal Viper who think that wealth transfer to the poor would save NZ.

    Just like it saved Russia. Oh wait.

    • Travis Poulson

      Last I heard CV had been shut up by Clare Curran.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Nope hes back in force, spouting his normal bullshit.

        Who is he, anyway?

        • Ask Clare, she knows

          • Pissedoffyouth

            Maybe its Jacinda Arden?

    • Salacious T Crumb

      You should try getting CV started on climate change. What a laugh. I think the word “science” for him only has meaning in his fantasy world of Glen Larson tv series.

  • Dion

    Interesting to see that they’re no longer downplaying the cost of running The Standard.

    • Mr_V4

      F*ck taxpayers are probably paying for it anyway via Labour party funds (ie taxpayer funds anyway).

  • RightNow

    Bing complies with the robots.txt file, so it’s his own fault for being stupid.
    So now he loads the cost of visiting his hate site onto his readers.

  • WHY oh why would you hand out that valuable info for FREE WO? Oh yeah that’s right, I forgot. They would rather marry their own Mother than take advice from you LOL