World’s best ever Sysop lifts his skirt, shows world he doesn’t wear undies

Oh dear…Lynn Prentice, the guy with the girls name and the world’s best sysop is showing us the traffic over the Christmas break and explaining why he needs a multi-layered, industrial strength server set up for what is in reality a flea blog with flea traffic.

The primary server has been moved out into the offshore cloud far away from the expensive costs of having to pay for the costs of the Southern Cross cable monopoly. The ~5% of our traffic from human readers offshore wasn?t a problem. However the searchbots (most recently the bloody bingbot) and spambots causing us to exceed our ?free? datacap on overseas traffic. This was $3/GB when we started on the old server and is now $1/GB.

However it has cost us thousands of dollars in variable per GB charges since I moved the server back to NZ in 2011. Does nasty things to the site?s operating budget. For instance in November it cost $103 extra because the Bing searchbot tried to read the entire site including every comment link. They nearly did a million page views in November and 600k in December. The really irritating thing is that we get very few incoming searches from Bing. I?ve now constrained Bing to a more limited diet.

Which is all mumbo-jumbo pseudo tech speak that says in reality, that “though I am the world’s greatest sysop I’ve managed to be tucked by smarter people than me into paying thousands extra in traffic charges because I knew best”….

And it isn’t as though the traffic warrants it.?


Labour/ Green lap-blog “The Standard” holiday traffic

He claims that the drop off in traffic which is “traditional” allows him to do the job of server moves while he picks toe jam out from under his nails, in his sleep.

Meanwhile on Whaleoil traffic hasn’t?diminished?at all… in fact it is increasing.

Dec-Jan stats WOBH

Holiday traffic at NZ’s number one blog

I could have been like the worlds’ greatest sysop and written a post wanking on about all sorts of tech shit no one cares about.

Instead I will deal with exactly the same thing as him in just one sentence.

“I host my site with Linode and it costs me $61.00 a month, my uptime has been 100% for 18 months.”