February 2013

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Vatican will be run by two popes. A co-papal arrangement, if you like

via dish.andrewsullivan.com

via dish.andrewsullivan.com

Andrew Sullivan writes

The damage Benedict XVI has done to the Catholic church and the papacy may be far from over. All I can say about yesterday’s developments is that they seem potentially disastrous and also indicative to me of something truly weird going on underneath all of this.

Benedict XVI has claimed that his almost unprecedented resignation came about simply because of his physical infirmity in the face of what appears to be a growing vortex of sexual and financial scandal inside the Vatican. He said he would quietly disappear to serve the church through prayer and meditation. But we now realize he’s going nowhere. He’s staying in the Vatican’s walls, and retaining the honorific “His Holiness.” He will keep white robes. His full title will be Pope Emeritus. Far from wearing clerical black, returning to the title of Bishop of Rome, and disappearing into a monastery in Bavaria, he’s going to be a shadow Pope in the Vatican. And this, we are told, was his decision:   Read more »

Chch family have “nowhere to go” yet can afford cellphones, booze and smokes

Further to my earlier post….What’s worse is that yesterday she was the author of the investigation that said there was no housing crisis.

Is there a housing crisis in Christchurch? The Press examined statistics, attended open homes and spoke to experts and members of the public. Anna Turner reports.

So a day later, with her investigation not yielding the result she wanted, she’s back interviewing the squeaky wheels…and speaking of those squeaky wheels.

I thought a revisit was in order…so picking up from commenters on the earlier post we have identified the following from just one picture of the low income family with 5 kids.

Low income nowhere to go

The bloke is wearing a tee-shirt that reads “Crack A Woody Honey!” which is an ad for Woodstock Bourbon and Cola – and funnily enough sitting next to him is a glass of something that looks a lot like the product on his shirt.  Read more »


Music Piracy is 40% down, even before cutting people’s Internet off. What gives?

Alex Knapp summarizes a recent report on illegal downloads:

via bonnint.net

via bonnint.net

That report shows that the number of music files being illegally downloaded was 26% less in 2012 than in 2011.

What’s more, 40% of the people surveyed in the study who said that they’d illegally downloaded in 2011 did not do so in 2012.

So what’s responsible for this massive reduction in piracy?

According to the survey, it’s not stepped-up enforcement – it’s the availability of free music via streaming services like Spotify.

Nearly half of the people who had stopped or sharply reduced their music downloading cited those services as the reason for stopping.

People have been asking, demanding and begging for legitimate ways to economically access content.

Look what happens when they can?


H/T:  The Dish

Comment of the Day – MSM veteran on Charles Chauvel


What appalls me is the contempt Chauvel and the rest of the left have for people’s intelligence.

It seems only the left has the perspicacity – and virtue – to determine what we should be able to hear and read.

I am increasingly persuaded that the left actually despises people; it is the “idea” of people that they like.

I have worked in newspapers for nearly 40 years and still do.

I find this blog hugely entertaining and read it often.

I am also fully aware of the provenance of many of the opinions expressed here.

Often I agree; often I don’t.

But I certainly don’t appreciate a slimy little commissar like Chauvel’s implied regulation of freedom of speech.

He and the vermin at the UN deserve each other.

The biggest media whoopsy in a long time

It wasn’t just a few bloggers and a few tweets that got yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on water rights totally wrong.

RadioLive broke into their programme with a newsflash and host Duncan Garner started to opine about how he agreed with the decision.

But then of course, came the correction.  Oops.

Not a great day at the office for decent journalists trained and skilled.

I actually feel sorry for Duncan on this, he was fed a bum steer by the newsroom and other journalists who couldn’t wait to blurt their undisguised glee across Twitter and the air-waves.

UPDATE: Mediaworks has now blocked the Youtube clip. To be fair to RadioLive the audio is still here: http://www.radiolive.co.nz/Audio.aspx

Split across the “Wednesday” 1500-1515 segment.  The newsflash comes at 11 minutes 35  into this stream.

The reason RadioLive has blocked the Youtube video is because they don’t archive this stuff – and would prefer no one heard it.

Here is the audio anyway.

Mental Health Break

Going Greek

via medexpressrx.com

via medexpressrx.com

They say we’re only three days away from a civil war after the supermarket shelves are empty.

In a way, that’s what’s happening in Greece, except it’s medicines that are running out.

The Guardian reports:

Greece is facing a serious shortage of medicines amid claims that pharmaceutical multinationals have halted shipments to the country because of the economic crisis and concerns that the drugs will be exported by middlemen because prices are higher in other European countries.   Read more »

Bear Grylls is a legend

I read his auto-biography a while ago.  This guy is the real deal.  And he seems pretty nice to boot.

Air NZ have done a great job with this.

That’s what happens when you take their fire engine away


Cassandra Mason at the Herald reports:

A popular fishing spot in Whangarei Harbour has turned into a “shark hunting ground” following yesterday’s fatal shark attack at Muriwai Beach, a local says.   Read more »