59% says Parata should have been sacked, PM got it wrong

OneNews/Colmar Brunton did a little side poll on Hekia Parata. They asked about whether or not she should have kept her job. This poll will create pressure and lord knows Hekia doesn’t perform well under pressure…she will probably sack another staff member as she seeks to blame everyone but herself, the turnover in her office is a shocker.

A majority of voters think Education Minister Hekia Parata’s poor performance should have seen her dumped from the Cabinet last month, according to a TVNZ/Colmar Brunton poll.

Ms Parata will tomorrow announce the Government’s final decisions over the future of 31 Christchurch schools, with the prospect of a number of closures fuelling disapproval of her handling of the education portfolio. 

Fifty-nine per cent of voters polled by Colmar Brunton believed Prime Minister John Key made the wrong decision by keeping Ms Parata as Education Minister in last month’s Cabinet reshuffle following a torrid time during which she oversaw the class size backdown, the Novopay debacle and the breakdown in communications with Education Secretary Lesley Longstone and her subsequent departure.

I believe Key should have axed her. But I also believe he was beholden to Bill English and the rehabilitation of Nick Smith.

Key’s instincts are to axed non-performer not cuddle them. He has been cunning in framing her future based on performance. Look for more changes come the end of the year or early next year as Key signals that the party is rejuvenating and seeking merit and excellence rather than tokenism and uselessness.

Mark my words, Hekia Parata will become the Nicola Murray of NZ Politics.


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  • Dave

    Tokenism A great way to put it Cam Perhaps she might be suited to special minister of maintenance of the beehive gardens Might be time to brush up on our botany and gardening skills Ms Parata

  • Gulfing

    Become Nicola Murray?? She has been Nicola Murray since she entered Parliament. Where o where is Malcolm Tucker when you need him???

  • AzaleaB

    I am not so sure. A couple of my best employees started out poorly – waded in where angels feared to tread. Sometimes early stuff ups create a good foundation of learning. I remember one guy who everyone said I should sack ( a s popular as leprosy) but I saw some real potential…he is now running his own company and doing great things. Time will tell ifHekia is able to learn.
    The biggest mistake was Key giving her such a volatile portfolio when she had not really cut her teeth on anything of substance in politics. Very, very inexperinced and a tad naive.

    • redeye

      If you not making any mistakes you’re not trying hard enough.

  • johnbronkhorst

    The only mistake she made …was to not be tough enough….Remind these EMPLOYEES (teachers)…who is responsible for the department and RESULTS…Who is the boss (she is), who pays the wages (the govt.) and where the money comes from (the tax payers of NZ not just Christchurch). Mistakes or not, she is doing the job, and correcting errors as they occur. Also remember it was as far back as the clarke govt. that the Novapay deal was signed, the problems STARTED there>

  • leslie rothwell
  • thor42

    I think she sucks, but as far as the Chch school changes go, the people down there whining about them **need to get over themselves**.

    FFS – there seem to be *dozens* of schools down there with only 150-200 pupils. If each of those schools needs quake-repairs, it is common-fricking-sense to merge the schools and do repairs on the merged school.

    I come from Hawke’s Bay originally, and I can tell you what *real* painful change looks like. Whakatu freezing works closing. **Two thousand** jobs gone – just like that. Chch is whining about *nothing*.