A couple of blouses prove they are a couple of blouses

via Truth

A couple of Dutch blouses set about trying to prove they can handle the pain of child birth and all they prove is that they are a couple of blouses.

Women are always bitching about the pain of childbirth, and saying that men couldn’t handle it. These guys put it to the test. What do you think, a couple of blouses? Would you have a go yourself? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Andrei

    FFS – does anybody believe that that stupid thing really mimics what it is to be in labour?

    This is just feminist anti male put down and those two sad clowns who go along with it need to grow a pair

  • In Vino Veritas

    Clinical studies in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine showed men have higher pain thresholds and tolerances and lower pain ratings than women when exposed to cold pressor pain.

    Also, Professor Jeff Mogil at McGill University, Toronto says “Females are more sensitive to pain, less tolerant and more able to discriminate different levels of pain than males”.

    “and this is true in animals as well as humans”.

    • Cremster

      This has been well shown in a number of studies. The most standardised way of measuring pain tolerance is the length of time one can hold one’s arm in a bucket of ice water.

      People who say they have a ‘high pain threshold’ generally perform worse than average (i.e. they say that because they want you to think their pain is really bad but actually anyone who says that is a sook).

      Women have consistently been shown to perform worse in such standardised tests.

      Women tend to use less effective coping mechanisms for dealing with severe pain. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/08/100812161930.htm

      I’ve treated men and women with renal colic. The women say it is even worse than childbirth. The men say it’s close to the worst pain they’ve ever had.

      • We watch Myth Busters and they proved that women with their hand in ice water out lasted the men if they had previously given birth naturally ie no pain relief what so ever. There are different types of pain. Child birth from my experience is a very unique kind of pain as it comes in waves, goes on for hours or days and increases in intensity. Also by the time the worst pain hits you are exhausted and at your lowest ability to cope. I know a woman who endured pain from multiple operations ok but who screamed during childbirth. WO thinks I am tough because I made no sound at all. He’s right. I am tough.

  • williamabong

    What a weird knock shop, them two hookers never even got their clobber off, must be different in other countries.

  • What the heck did they do that for? I wouldn’t willingly put myself through the pain of childbirth unless there was a real baby at the end of it. And, it seems like it didn’t really simulate the pain that well if one who said what it felt like said that it was like barbed wire sticking into him. It’s not like that at all. Plus, they didn’t get to experience the most intense part, where you feel like the baby that is coming out can’t possibly fit and yet it’s trying to. All that part before it is a piece of cake.

    PS. I though those Dutch midwives enjoying torturing the men.

  • Richard McGrath

    I thought they did well… though I wonder if the electrodes were causing contractions of skeletal muscle in the abdominal wall rather than in the deeper layers of smooth muscle, and whether the pain might have been somewhat different to labour pain which involves smooth muscle contraction in the uterus as well as cervical dilatation. Perhaps an anal dilator stretching to 10 cm diameter should have been part of the experience?

    • LOL now THAT would be an experience for them!

  • This is something the boys at Jackass would be into….

  • This is like those girlie men who try to be empathic by wearing those pregnancy belts to simulate carrying a a baby. Why don’t they just cut their cock and balls off and be done with it.

  • Captain Crab

    I’ve had Renal Colic ( kidney stones) several times over the years. Now that really hurts and am told its comparable . Last time I had three at once.
    Held it together for about an hour then fuck that, ambulance time, give me the morphine.
    No pain then, quite a cruisy day when it all kicked in. Needed a fair bit to blunt pain too. :-)
    Now, I drink heaps of water. So far do good.