A cure worse than the illness

You can believe, if you are daft enough, that we are subject to human-created global warming.   But what is unarguable is that the “cures” proposed by the Green Taliban are murderously worse than the problem:

Thousands of Britain’s wind turbines will create more greenhouse gases than they save, according to potentially devastating scientific research to be published later this year.

The finding, which threatens the entire rationale of the onshore wind farm industry, will be made by Scottish government-funded researchers who devised the standard method used by developers to calculate “carbon payback time” for wind farms on peat soils. 

Wind farms are typically built on upland sites, where peat soil is common. In Scotland alone, two thirds of all planned onshore wind development is on peatland. England and Wales also have large numbers of current or proposed peatland wind farms.

But peat is also a massive store of carbon, described as Europe’s equivalent of the tropical rainforest. Peat bogs contain and absorb carbon in the same way as trees and plants — but in much higher quantities.

British peatland stores at least 3.2 billion tons of carbon, making it by far the country’s most important carbon sink and among the most important in the world.

Wind farms, and the miles of new roads and tracks needed to service them, damage or destroy the peat and cause significant loss of carbon to the atmosphere, where it contributes to climate change.


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  • I was thinking the other day, “whatever happened to Peak Oil as a stick to beat us with”?

    • JC

      These days its called “conventional” oil. That way they can ignore shale and oil sands and other “unconventional” energy.


      • Patrick

        Peak conventional oil? Bring it on, let’s stop propping up the corrupt murdering racists in the Middle East.

        • tarkwin

          You should pop up North, we’re still coming to grips with acid rain.

  • cows4me

    I guess there are still many useful idiots in the Melons that believe it’s about saving the world. Unfortunately that theory has long since been proved to be a big time crock of shit. The Melon movement is now simply an political party that have shamelessly used the environment to place and enforce rules that govern peoples lives. The lies and the bullshit that is the green movement are now rising to the surface for all to see. If the Melons had any real love for mother earth they would be promoting small government and free enterprise. It’s free enterprise and the realisation that protecting the environment is good for business that will save the world not thousands upon thousands of rules and regulations. In fact the melon approach to saving the world will have exactly the opposite effect but it’s all about control, commie fucks.

    • island time

      I liked a comment by the Aussie PM about the Greens over there. “They are a party of protest” – or words to that effect. They bitch and moan but god help us if a Green Party actually gets to make decisions and implement their policies.

  • Andy

    IPCC head Pauchauri conceded in an interview with The Australian this weekend that there has been no global warming for 17 years. UK wind turbines are a waste of space. My personal collection of pics is here: http://windmad.tumblr.com

  • parorchestia

    German studies show much the same thing – and this from the country that has been taken in the most by greeny-ism. Subsidies on green energy are being removed, and in consequence the carbon market collapsed. The price is about $2.60 now and clever forester owners here are withdrawing from the carbon credit scheme, and paying back the credits that earned them $25 to $30 for only $2.450 or so. What a rort! Thanks Labour.

  • Hazards001

    The entire Green Bullshit propaganda machine has being lining the pockets of environmentalists for years. We see it everywhere. Consultants, Environmental Engineers, Insulation, Wind Farms, Solar Energy and battery powered cars. All pushed by Greenies many of whom will have a finger in the pie.

    Look at the hypocrites at Greenpeace on corporate salaries from donations scabbed from brainwashed foot soldiers to pay for their BS lifestyles and globe trotting.

    Everywhere I look I can find these green bastards. Some days it’s like living on Mars.