A few words short? No matter, just cut paste a paragraph twice

I have no doubt that Jamie Gray is “a decent journalist, trained and skilled“, but using the same paragraph twice in an article is just lazy.

I have been accusing the Herald of lacking vision, it seems they may have been to the optometrist and over compensated, they now double vision:

double vision

I might put a prize up for the Herald to aim for…going a whole day without a Herald Bomb.


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  • Lofty

    Ok I will be first commenter………..the fact that no one has commented all day tells me that we are all over the Herald f..k ups……who cares except you WO?
    Revenge is sweet mate, but jeeze.

    • Needs to be done, they refuse to life their game.

      • Lofty

        He who is without sin WO, he who is without sin, will have everlasting lift. ;-)

      • Lion_ess

        I don’t mind it, supercilious gits should be mocked.

        • Lofty

          Yeeeessssss I don’t mind either particularly my feline friend, just sayin is all.

    • How on earth can they claim any credibility as a news organisation when every day they have stuff ups like that.

      And yet they have the temerity to mock me?

    • Pissedoffyouth

      His blog, he can post what he likes?

      • Lofty

        Thanks POY I never thought of that.