A funeral for a tree?

Seriously…they are…the weirdo tree hugging loons of Buller…going to hold a funeral for a tree:

Buller conservationists plan to hold a wake for a 500-year-old kahikatea tree that was felled by the Department of Conservation so it could extend a nearby tramping hut.

DoC is adamant the tree had to go to keep trampers staying at the Mokihinui Forks Hut safe.

However, Westport conservationist Peter Lusk is horrified, and says the tree had stood firm for centuries.

“It was here when Abel Tasman sailed past,” Mr Lusk said today. 

The hut was extended as DoC starts to open up the Old Ghost Road walking and tramping route, with an expected surge in numbers.

With boughs overhanging the hut, DoC had chopped it down and cut it up into firewood, rather than move the hut, Mr Lusk said.

People familiar with the area were grief-stricken: “It’s like you’ve lost an old friend.”


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Funeral? Wouldn’t a cremation be more suitable?

    • Muzza

      but you’d have to let it season for at least 12 months first

  • grumpy

    What a bunch of wankers. I’ve shot that area for 40 years and never noticed it! Just another tree in the bush – mind you they shifted the hut a few years ago.
    None of these tossers have even been in there, it’s an 8 hour walk and bloody terrifying going over Suicide Slip.
    The Coast has become overrun with these greenie pot growers – clean the bastards out!
    The bike track will never happen, the South Branch terrain is unbelievable and a bit of rain and the rivers will wash away anything.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Been in that Forks hut , 1988 . Beautiful , unspoiled wilderness , until a chopper full of Americans dropped in for some fishing . Greenies versus rednecks all the way down there , although that Seddonville farmer/junk collector is a real prick for throwing his plastic bale covers in the river all the time .

      • grumpy

        Nice eh? last year went up to Goat Creek. Tiger country.

        Correct about the foreigners fishing and the junk farmer at Seddonville. Bloody good pub though.

        Godd to see you made the effort to get there, it really is a special place and not the personal property of the green taliban.

        • Ronnie Chow

          Is Goat Creek the one with the old iron tracks and all the treefalls . Flatish until you hit the hill . Used to be a salt lick up there . I found a 10 inch long fossilized dinosaur dung in a mud bank . Those were the days .
          I was once accused of stealing the plywood teapot outside said pub on new years eve . I still can’t remember that night .

          • grumpy

            Nope, Goat Creek is about 4 hours further up North Branch from Forks Hut.
            I think you mean Charming Creek?

          • Ronnie Chow

            Another 4 hours ?. Real wilderness , grumpy . Upon checking the map , it was Coal Creek off Charming Creek Road .

          • grumpy

            Sorry, South Branch. Bastards think they are going to put a cycle track right beside it for the loopies.

          • grumpy

            Know the place, good for goats. Used to be a couple of locos in the creek?

  • tarkwin

    Maybe Mr Lusk should top himself in a show of solidarity. Hopefully more greenies will follow his example.

    • Mr_Blobby

      A bit like lemmings.

  • williamabong

    These wankers, most of whom don’t come from the coast are a large part of the problem holding the area back, if they hopped on their cycles and fucked off back to Auckland the country would be a whole lot better off, and with any luck a truck loaded with coal might even run them down.
    Peter Lusk is a rabble rousing fuckwit who should be jailed for economic treason.
    We need to remember constant interference from this Rent-A-Mob was responsible for the mine design that ultimately claimed 29 lives at Pike, as well as holding back the Denniston mine and the hundreds of jobs it will create.
    As much to blame is the spoon fed media that swallow the diatribe these wankers produce and repeat it verbatim without researching it.

    • Gazzaw

      Wouldn’t be so bad if they only came from Auckland William. More likely to be liberal lefties from California or Germany. Should have stayed at home and sorted their own fucken countries out.

      • williamabong

        A wee snapshot of Peter Lusk 24ct arsehole, communist,total fuckwit -http://kauri.aut.ac.nz:8080/dspace/bitstream/123456789/1880/1/westportnews_lusk_093001.pdf

  • Joe Bloggs

    Putting shit in perspective:

    New Zealand’s forests produce 35 million tonnes of above-ground biomass each year.
    The above-ground biomass of a 50m kahikatea is roughly 18-20 tonnes – effectively, a drop in a bucket

  • GregM

    What really pisses me off is imagine the shit fight there would be if we cut down a tree on DOC land. They seem to be a law unto themselves. Fucking hypocrites.

    • grumpy

      Your old mini 14 mag has been to that hut, mate.

      • GregM

        That’s great news Grumpy, it’s been there three times then. :-)

        • grumpy

          Later this year it will be 2 all. I knew it was a fine judge of countryside……

  • cows4me

    How unthinking of DoC, I would put a piece of branch in coffin shaped boxes with a tribute on each lid, “In loving memory of kahikatea tree : Mokihinui 2013” and present a box to each of these Melon fruitloops.

    • grumpy

      Lusk is just a commie wanker. Not even a Coaster, a jaffa import.

  • Ronnie Chow