A little bit of credit

I suppose I can feel a bit chuffed with the Sunday Star-Times article yesterday about NZ First….and Andrew Williams:

No-one too startled that the wheels are coming off the Winston Peters party juggernaut. What has been intriguing, though, is the order in which the wheel-nuts came loose.

One of the highest risk MPs is Andrew Williams. 

This is what they had to say about him:

Andrew Williams: The Clown of Campbells Bay

Andrew Williams: The Clown of Campbells Bay



CAUSES FOR ALARM: Historic adventures with late-night texts and emails, weeing on a tree and general oddness.

From the outset, Williams was seen as a frontrunner for the first NZ First meltdown. As final mayor of the North Shore before it was sucked into the Auckland super-city, Left-leaning Williams attracted numerous headlines for odd behaviour – something he blamed on a Right-wing fit-up. Certainly blogger Cameron Slater went out of his way to undermine the man he called the “Clown of Campbells Bay”, but there’s no denying Williams sent abrasive texts and emails to political rivals including PM John Key, often in the middle of the night, and couldn’t always recall having done so. He was spotted peeing on a Takapuna tree after a long lunch, and there was an odd incident where he passed out at a navy function. He has repeatedly denied suggestions that the drink is to blame. In December, the political newsletter Trans Tasman gave him a mark of 2/10 for his first year in the House and said “his arrogance and hubris is a ticking time bomb”. For now, he’s still ticking.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    The only person not aware that the wheel nuts were loose, at the start of the journey, seems to be winny.

    Wait for the song. You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Eight MPs. One now an Independent with a police investigation. One with the skids under him, and the rest, Winnie a boozer from the N Shore and 4 MPs no one has ever heard of.

  • tarkwin

    As part of my bet losing conditions I’m not allowed to say anything derogatory about Andrew Williams other than I’m sure the nuts are coming loose and the wheel will fall off in style.

  • Jimmie

    Reminds me of the kids song.

    There were 8 in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over so they all rolled over and one fell out..

    Then repeat x 2…..x3……x4…….

  • Liberty


    “She appears strikingly

    Then how come Tracey is in
    the NZF party?


    • Bunswalla

      Key word is “appears”

  • blokeintakapuna

    It just goes to show… You can only stck bullshit so high, before it eventually collapses under it’s own weight of stench.