A long drop off a short rope

Surely the time has come to re-visit the farce of home detention. Especially when filthy pedo porn merchants get home detention rather than a cell in general population.

A Christchurch Christian journalist has admitted making intimate videos of a student at home and a 5-year-old girl at a church expo.

John Raymond McNeil, 67, was granted home detention at his Christchurch District Court sentencing, but his internet access will be blocked as part of the sentence.

He was found with 1000 child-pornography images on his computer, which he had viewed on the internet, and three videos he had made.

He had admitted three charges of making intimate visual recordings and 40 charges of possessing objectionable publications – images and stories. 

One video showed a student at her home, one was videoed up the skirt of a 5-year-old girl at a church expo and the third was taken up the skirt of an unidentified young woman walking in the Halswell Quarry.

McNeil is well known in his community, and the court was told that people now knew of his offending.

It perhaps isn’t so surprising that he got off lightly…the judge was liberal panty-waist crime hugger Raoul Neave.

Personally I think pedos should be tied naked in a sack with 50 rabid weasels and chucked in a lake.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – if we can’t hang them…

    Send him to the big house – Bubba needs some fresh meat and enjoys “educating and schooling” these people on cause and effect…

  • Auto_Immune

    Please tell me one of his conditions of home detention is that he can’t have access to the internet or internet-capable devices!

    • peterwn

      It is – although he can keep using a computer.

      • Auto_Immune

        Thanks for the info. Having computer access still doesn’t sit quite right with me, given he created some of the material himself, but I suppose his use could be audited.

  • If we’re going to point out that someone is a Christian all the time, can we start identifying those that aren’t as Muslim, Hindi, Atheist etc? It just seems like a pointless thing to list unless their trying to attack the religion.

    • Andrei

      I thought the same, and it is a sure thing that the molesters of little boys are never described as “gay” but on this occaision the man concerned is a journalist for a christian publication and thus “christian journalist” is indeed probably fair enough though it engenders glee in the usual suspects

      • Just be thankful he wasn’t a catholic priest.

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    What? No name suppression? Very unlike Raoul

  • Jimmie

    I hope he loses his job – there is no excuse for this perversion.

    Feck there are some folk around who really need an old fashioned kicking and I think this moron is one of them.

  • starboard

    Raoul Neaves mother taught me at Intermediate school. I remember her continuously blowing on about her 2 sons ( Raoul and Guy..gota be fags ) and how wonderful they were. I beg to differ Mrs Neave.

    • williamabong

      Raoul is a golden example of why the judiciary should be under a review process to ensure the sentences they hand down are in line with the community expectation.

      His mummy might think he is marvelous, we know differently, wonder if it would be handled with a bit more punishment if one Raouls family was a victim in this case.

      • Troy

        You’re right – and why is it that the very very well paid Chief Justice isn’t doing anything about it by publicly announcing a complete head-first dive into a performance review of all judges? That bitch sits on one of the highest positions in this country and does fuck all to hold them to account. No-one holds her to account and I guess she thinks its all ok out there. She hasn’t exactly got a squeeky clean past as a judge but she is a protected species – it’s fucking not good enough.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    His Internet Access will be blocked? By whom? If his Comp has a USB Port he just buys credit using any name he wishes and run his whole Comp from an external HDD.
    Not Rocket Science

  • Hazards001

    That’s a bit rough on the weasels ….just saying