A message to my military readers


I have had a few emails from regular readers, subscribers and commenters who are in the military.

They all relate to their ability to get either via RSS or email (which is powered by RSS) the full text of each post.

For those on deployment, especially on ships or in Afghanistan and other regions, I’m they have email access but little or no ability to browse.

I have now found a solution for you all.

If you are in our armed forces, or operate from a remote location where email ro RSS the only way to enjoy Whale Oil Beef Hooked then please email me with your details so I can add you to the subscriber list so that you can commence to receive all my pearls of wisdom direct in your inbox.

At this stage this facility is only available for those in the services. A short explanation will suffice



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  • ConwayCaptain

    ThenRNZN got 3 ships to sea at once!!!!! Wonders will never cease.
    What amazes me is that they say they need to do 140 days sea time pa as if that is a hardship. In the MN we would have 300 days at sea and 60 days working cargo.
    Hard done by Petals they are!!

    • GregM

      It’s an two year old photo Captain.
      Due to short staffing nowadays men are finishing a patrol, crossing the dock to another ship and starting again, which is one of the reasons I left. Some colleagues of mine have been alongside for more than a year now, all they want is to go back to sea. But I agree, the MN has more sea days.
      RSS feed is a real good idea Cam.

    • Bart67

      Granted Captain, but I think even you would have to admit that the living conditions on a warship crewed by 175 people are not exactly comparable to a merchant package crewed by 25.

    • Tony

      Don’t start CC – we have many more servicing and personnel requirements than the Merchant Service. Also you got paid 12-months for 6-months work.

  • Great idea cam, I am at home but I hope all those deployed enjoy the access.

  • Richard

    Why not re-enable the full feed for everyone? I understand that you can no longer use adsense to monetize the rss feed but there are alternatives. Feedblitz maybe? http://www.feedblitz.com/adsense-for-feeds-replacement/

    That is why you went to a summary feed only isn’t it? To force readers to the site so you can continue to monetize it. I don’t have anything against making money with blogging. Removing readers choice to view your content in a feed simply because the old method of monetizing it is retired is a bit arrogant though.
    The shear volume of posts each day mean that unless you are on the site constantly you are likely to miss posts. Full content RSS via a decent feed reader is simply a more efficient way of keeping up with a prolific blogger.

    • No it isn’t actually….the reason that is.

  • In my day we were lucky to get a letter from Mum every fortnight.

  • P1LL

    Do we have armed forces now? Our air-force is now reduced to being a cargo carrier , the navy cannot staff its awfully designed ships and the Army is stuck with shit house LAVS.

    I think we have been so sloppy funding our armed forces that any tin pot nation could over run us :(

    • Gazzaw

      Who scrapped the combat wing? Who signed off the Anzac frigate deal? Who bought the LAVs?

      • GregM

        Spot on as always Gazzaw. Good link here:


        • Gazzaw

          It’s a national disgrace Greg that the Nats have done little to address. NZ is less prepared for war than it was in 1939 and that was pretty bad. Let’s face it we couldn’t even contemplate invading Fiji with any degree of confidence. Singapore would whip us with one hand tied behind its back. And commanding this shambles we have a mass of Vice-Admirals, Air Commodores & Generals all troughing away at the top – I’m sure I read somewhere recently that there is a Vice-Admiral in charge of HR in the Navy FFS! I thought that admirals commanded a battle group in most navies. Talk about jobs for the boys.

          This really is the time for a public enquiry.

          • GregM

            Absolutely correct, When I left we had 45 Captains, 9 commodores and 2 rear admirals.None of whom have served on a ship for years. To put it into perspective the Royal Navy only has 2 rear admirals. The other services are the same, bloated at the top and not enough men to crew the ships etc.

          • Stephen

            Greg, when I left the navy just over a year ago, I checked “KEA” an internal site on the defence force intranet and saw that we had approximately 80 Commanders and 160 Lt Comanders, plus I have been told by mates still in the navy that Commanders got a $20K pay rise yet senior rates got sod all.
            It’s the Officers in charge of the place that have truely stuffed up the organisation, too busy feathering their own nests and not giving a stuff about their Senior and Junior rates.
            We also must catch up for a drink soon.



          • GregM

            Yep, KEA also said we had more than 500 Lieutenants. When did the Senior Ratings last get a pay rise? Years ago.
            Give us a call when you’re back in town mate.
            Cheers G.

          • Mr_Blobby

            Sorry I’m a bit confused.
            How many captains and admirals.

            How many ships do we have again.
            When they say we don’t have enough people to man the ships, how many do we really need.

          • Gazzaw

            Greg will know for sure Mr B but I’m picking ‘Canterbury’, a couple of frigates, four blue water patrol boats and a couple of support ships. Let’s say ten ships tops. You’ve seen the estimated officer count from Stephen & Greg – it is as I say a national disgrace. I don’t think that the Navy has it on its own either.

            Time for some oxygen I think WO.

          • GregM

            11 ships total. The RNZAF has the same problem, 6 squadrons, 84 squadron leaders. The rot really started with civilianization, in itself not a bad idea, but the roles that were civilianized were mostly senior ratings i.e. warrant officer , sgt major downwards. What should have happened is the hundreds of officers commanding a desk are the ones that need to go. Even a very good Navy commander who is an expert at running a ship knows diddly squat about managing an enterprise employing 2000 people.