A reader emails about “a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”

A reader emails about Bryce Johns’ editorial:


Gong hei fa xai and all that. Just back from a glorious 2 week break and catching up on some of the recent posts. I saw the one from yesterday about Bryce Johns’ editorial – what a patronising cock. I couldn’t help notice an appalling lack of education from a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” in the second paragraph of his Holmes editorial. 

He used the word “inimical” which means unfriendly and hostile, rather than the word I think he meant to use, which is “inimitable”. Just another Herald bomb, this time from the editor – priceless.


If he really did mean inimical then this is probably why Martin Devlin was mad as hell.


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  • AzaleaB

    “Decent – trained – skilled” and the word “journalist” should rarely be seen together in the same sentence.

    • Mitch82

      Perhaps it should be, as applied to journalists:

      “Decent, trained, skilled. Pick two.”

  • Morrissey

    Since the long-overdue departure of Gavin Mogadon Ellis, Bryce Johns is the least talented newspaper editor in this country.

  • A reader emails a comment:

    “Although this post is hilarious …. and Bryce John’s use of adjective is somewhat lame …Both he and the poster who picked it up have missed another complete and obvious pearler in the same text. ( OR ?)

    What about the fact that he quotes “In his inimical way he invited them while still alive …”

    Would he have invited them when they were dead ??? Oh shit … sorry …

    It should have read “Paul, while living , invited them ….”

    It’s called “English Comprehension” or “Syntax” Something they dont teach in schools any more because reading Shakespeare or dumb boring “novels” is unecessary ..

    (While ignoring the fact that it teaches you how to glue a sentence together)

    A colleague and I have enormous fun with these “Herald” literacies. What do you think ???”

    • Dan

      I think Johns is a beige twerp, but all this seems to show is the importance of not laying off all your sub-editorial staff; had the Herald retained more of their subs, this would surely have been noticed. Instead, it’s just one to add to the heap.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Maybe he’s just trying to earn his stripes, so eventually he could apply to the Truth as a telesales person selling classified ad space?

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Trained to:
    accept all statements, no matter how bizarre, at face value
    refrain from asking the most obvious questions
    wrongly believe they are skilled and trained
    discard any remaining shred of human decency when dealing with people
    eschew any corroboration of facts or claims before rushing to publish

    Skilled at
    selective cherry picking of information favourable to one side of a story
    insertion of a left leaning bias into all reporting

  • Lion_ess

    “Decent – trained – skilled” – clearly Johns is referring to what he perceives as being his own strengths.
    Generally, one’s professional attributes are evident to their peers, colleagues and competitors – there is usually no need to tout one’s self to their opposition.
    In any event explaining is losing – what a cock.

  • Hazards001

    Fisher has obviously been through here down voting everyone…don’t miss me you dotcom loving sycophantic cocktard, I want my down vote too. The left leaning MSN give me the screaming shits too you know?