A reader needs some advice, can you help?

A reader emails the following txt exchange. Apparently the txt was received the day after a night out. It was a oncer, and a never again.

Please note….the “Me” isn’t actually me.

I’m not sure that there is even a scale…surely it is a binary question rather than a scale. Yes or No…not I’ll give you a 5 because I only gave you half a load?

I mean WTF?



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  • In Vino Veritas

    And we can see why the reader claims it was “a oncer, and never again”.

    • starboard

      heh..you took the words right outa my mouth..

    • island time

      He will have wished he had not shared his phone number…..

      • Since he obviously did not use a condom it seems to me he could have ‘ shared ‘ a lot of things with her and not just pregnancy. Just who is the fool here???

        • unsol

          Totally with you – honestly these girls who not only put out so easily, but also fail to demand safe sex is just beyond me.

          Someone close to us had an awful shock recently as found out her serial cheating on & off spouse for 10 years had actually been living a double life (had our friend plus 1 other girl he would commit to for about 3 years on the go at the same time = polyamory but in secrecy) plus your usual version of cheating. And he had chlamydia. Our friend found out because the most recent long term girl contacted her (thinking she was an ex…so all hell broke lose on that front too) & told her she had an STI. Thankfully the other girl had got hers sorted early & our friend was negative – she was so lucky though as the timing was such that infertility was probably going to be a given.

          So this couple are just a couple of muppets – they need to grow the hell up as if you are going to be promiscuous as a single person it isnt hard to shag around & avoid getting STIs or getting into a situation where you are faced unwanted/unplanned pregnancy.

        • Yeah his answer should have been “Sooooo on a scale of 1 to 10, do you think I have the clap?”

    • A bunny boiler for sure

      • starboard

        maybe he should of had anal sex instead, isnt that what hetros are doing ? You said so yourself.

        • Yup would have saved himself a whole lot of trouble

  • Callum

    I would be a little more worried about diseases myself….

  • GregM

    He gave her his phone number?????

    • Contractor

      Yea but not his real name. She’s looking for some sonarman.

      • GregM

        I still cannot confirm nor deny… :-)

  • BJ

    Soooooooo on a scale of 1 to 10 what’s the chances that the recipient that asks the donor’s advise on level of risk becomes another social welfare beneficiary?

  • Lion_ess

    Who’s dis? …. would have been the correct answer.

  • Lopsy

    This being the year 2013 I would have thought (given the way things seem to work these days) “Sooooo… remind me again who the fuck you are?….”

  • SJ00

    That depends on if you were girl 1 or girl 10 of the evening…..

    So basically this girl was so out of it she didn’t even know she had sex that night? classy. Or is she asking if he is firing blanks? If I was the guy I’d be the one running to the STD clinic, she sounds like a lovely slapper.

  • Hazards001

    He gave her his real phone number???….Muppet