Agassi’s Academic Achievement

Tennis great Andre Agassi was in NZ recently. What the PPTA/NZEI/Labour/Green conglomerate would hate you to know is that what he rates his greatest societal achievement is a Charter School he founded in Las Vegas.

In 2007 he was quoted on Good Morning America (ABC) as saying:

“Las Vegas has the highest teen dropout rate of school, teen pregnancies. We lead in all the worst stats in the world,” he said. “If it works here, it works anywhere. If we are doing it with the national average, we are literally removing the excuses.”

“It’s not just about the books,” Agassi said. “You could have straight A’s, and if you interfere with somebody else’s education, someone else’s goals and dreams for their life, there’s the door. … It’s a culture. It’s a way of life.”

“We’re going to have a sign there that’s going to be going, ‘Georgetown, three miles that way,’ and an arrow point[ing] to Yale, you know, 2,900 miles that way,” he said.

Today’s 10th-graders have been students of the Agassi Academy since the first day it opened its doors. In 2009, they will be the first graduating class.

“It will prove that the world can actually be this way, is how it’s going to feel to me. Watching these kids go off to college, these children that society has written off — the most having a future of their choosing is — is a miracle,” Agassi said. “It’s a miracle of, of what happens when people come together. People come together, the world changes. That’s a fact.”

You can see why the opponents wouldn’t want this here – no one would be left to vote for them.

He spoke to a group in Auckland and touched on his school work.

His achievements are being recognised in Australia too –

“Whilst he’s achieved a lot on the tennis court I think you’ll find that in 10 or 15 years’ time more people will recognise him for what he’s achieving outside the lines, trying to give an education to people that can’t afford one,” 

How can anyone think it is a bad thing to have inspiration people creating aspirational kids – regardless of background.

If the teacher unions and opposition parties have even half a care for the actual education of children it is well past time to drop the charade.

For parents – time to claim the choice for your kids.


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  • Whafe

    Take that you pinko lefty teachers brigade….

    Your constant ignorant knocking of anything different is wearing thin, your support level is dropping daily…. Wake up and smell the coffee….

  • thor42

    Great article!

  • Read his auto-bio “Open”. The most passionate passages in the book are when he writes about the school. He deliberately built it in the worst neighbourhood in town and takes poor kids who otherwise would have no hope of college. The school insists on uniforms, respect and discipline. Amazing!

  • Richard McGrath

    What a top man. Shows you what can be achieved in the voluntary sector.