An apology…

David Fisher has apologised…

What do commenters think? He did something politicians have never managed to do, use the word “sorry”:


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  • PlanetOrphan

    You can give forgiveness once, after that you’re just a fool with your heart on your sleeve.

    • StupidDiscus

      Forgiveness follows a real apology. Once he’s unemployed (and not taking the dole, of course) then we might have some evidence of an apology.

      • PlanetOrphan

        I think Cameron forgave him quite some time ago.
        After that …. protect yourself as best you can.

      • A standard you would apply to your own mess-ups?

        • Honcho

          If I screwed up in my own job I would be forced to pack up my tools, go see the boss and probably get escorted out of the building … some people get held to a higher standard.

        • Hazards001

          Stupid Discus doesn’t have mess ups. He is one of The Anointed. Put on earth for the common swill of humanity to revere as he wipes his soiled feet on their backs as they fill his coffers with their slave labour in his cleaning companies and laundromats. Here to claim his rightful rewards of mansion life, 1st class travel, champagne breakfasts and private school education for his esteemed progeny (if such a self absorbed holier than thou fascist ever managed to get a root?)

          Cops Glocks problem solved huh..and since ya cops are crap with there glocks ole buddy I’d be careful before hiding behind them…7 shots to kill one mutt…FFS!

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    He has probably seen all the shit that has been written about him for saying those things about you Cam and realised he put his fingers in gear before his brain.

    • williamabong

      More like grossly underestimated either the power of the Internet, Cams following, or public opinion.
      Real people have zero time or respect for smart arse little boys who paint themselves above everyone else, just remember sonny boy David, the higher you place yourself the greater the fall, as it looks like you are just about to find out, LOL

  • williamabong

    Hollow, he knows he owns a weapons grade fuck up and it’s all down his leg, push the arrogant prick under the bus,he deserves nothing less, were the roles reversed he would have been tying you to a stake and collecting firewood by now.
    Having suffered also from depression I can find nothing but contempt for cunts like Fisher, and now hope the Herald fire his sanctimonious arse into the street.
    NFWAB or those gathered around him.

    • So what you’re saying is, if he doesn’t apologise he’s contemptible, and if he does apologise (far better than most politicians), he’s contemptible. Says more about you than him. I say the show’s over, time to move on. Only time will tell whether he’s a repeat offender, and even then, your response is your problem, not his.

      • williamabong

        To quote Mrs Brown “That’s Nice “

      • StupidDiscus

        No – we’re saying a real apology includes a resignation.

        Just the same as Richard Prosser.

        (and after all Whale has a reputation to maintain)

        • williamabong

          If Fisher had any balls (which I doubt ) and was actually meant to be an apology (which I doubt ) it would have been either in person to Cam or via a personal email, not some piss weak smartarse flippant comment on Twatter,

          My money is on Fisher being told to make this go away or you go away.

          • Understand where you’re coming from, those things can still happen, though the initial battle was on Twitter, hence the public apology.

          • He has my number, always has…not even a txt.

  • meow

    It would be more satisfying if he actually committed to becoming a fair, balanced and objective reporter rather than persistently pushing his own agenda.

  • Grizz30

    Perhaps his employer woke up and realised their core of journalists were sending their newspaper down the shitter and told their employees to make ammends or pack their bags.

  • AzaleaB

    No question – forgive; a more constructive path. Whether he is sincere or not – time will tell but not to forgive shows a meanness of spirit. Holding a grudge does no good for all parties involved. He will have to live with himself…and you, yourself. Be the better man and show some christian leadership:)

    • StupidDiscus

      “Christian” forgiveness requires action, not just saying “sorry”.

      Did he resign? Nope. So no apology.

      • Jimmie

        Not really a resignation offence – I mean its not like WO hasn’t walked a fine line between fair criticism and outrageous abuse when focusing on dodgy individuals before.

        If you can’t stand the heat keep out of the kitchen.

        Having said that I don’t think WO is too offended by Mr Fisher’s abusive remarks – just another opportunity to do some pig wrestling methinks and poke some fun at a dodgy MSM journalist.

        • Random66

          Agree, WO does come across as being able to give as good as he gets and I don’t think his skin is so thin that he can’t take what he dishes out. This is probably more than likely just another opportunity by WO to make some noise concerning DF and hope the fall out is entertaining.

          • RightOfGenghis

            Abso-bloody-lutely. The army responds on cue with mock outrage. Page views plus! Come on who is taking this shit seriously?

  • Phar Lap

    He was told by his employer “Apologise or else” he chose the former like a wee goody two shoes schoolgirl,diddums.

  • Patrick

    He is trying to catch his own fart & put it back where it came from to limit the damage caused, nothing more nothing less. All too easy to say sorry in a forum like Twitter. If he had a pair he would knock on your door & deliver the aplolgy in person. Or buy you a beer/coffee & make a proper job of it.

  • StupidDiscus

    Still in employed? Still planning a career in journalism?

    So, that’s no apology.

  • Credit to David Fisher for apologising for what was an over-the-top attack. The proof of the sincerity of the apology will be in the pudding.

  • Hi Cam, 70 times 7 would seem unattainable, but given who gave the instruction, I have to live daily as if it might be possible, though difficult.

  • Agent BallSack

    Well David Fisher could always ring Cam and make a personal apology. The phone number is right there on the contact me tab.

  • Jester

    The use of the words unfair unkind and especially the use of cruel are condescending in my oppinion.
    The guy is a prize cumstain so i wouldnt expect anything less from him.

  • Captain Crab

    He’s probably done a google search on his name and now realises his career options are limited. I say fuck him. He’s a lefty soft cock propagandist so keep on destroying him!

  • BJ

    I think its a good stat but a really sincere sorry would be more specific about what they are saying sorry for. But come on people, we aren’t little children – “sticks and stones make break my bones but names will never hurt me”

  • Mr_V4

    Whangarei fire engine may be needed to put this one out.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Apology accepted.

  • unsol

    This so-called apology is getting way too much air time than it deserves; personal attacks deliberately targeting someones vulnerabilities can’t ever be taken back.

    Cam you can forgive him – and so you should – but you don’t have to accept that this is an apology. It clearly isn’t, but end of the day that is between him & his complete lack of moral compass, common decency & empathy vs God.

    It is one thing to say something a little too harshly (ahem) & then later apologise for that, but it is entirely another to try take back comments like those made by Fisher.

    Anger, ignorance & lack of even basic intellect always show peoples’ true colours; intelligent people with an ounce of decency don’t ever resort to crude, derogatory or belittling comments about those who have been honest about their own struggles or those who just don’t fit into their version of normal (I’m referring of course to the bigots vs LGBT).

    David Fisher intended to meant what he said – if he didn’t it would never have crossed his mind to say it; he’s just trying to retract his comments to save his own skin.

    Well bully for him. Such dickheads always get their just deserts; genuine happiness & loving relationships always preclude assholes so while he might have been able to puff up his ego for a moment by putting Cam down, end of the day it is Cam that has the better reputation.