An email about gay electric cars

A reader emails about my post earlier on Tesla electric cars:


I have a friend in Germany who has a Tesla.

It is bright yellow, not green, and unbelievably fast. 

It was bought because of speed, but the conscience was salved a little by pretending that the rubber deposited didn’t happen.

It operates in a small radius only and in summer only. Never far enough away to risk running out, then back to the special plug in the garage.

For proper use there is a proper AMG Merc.


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  • James Stephenson

    Badges and vents on the side tell me that you’ve got a picture of a Lotus Elise (which the Tesla is based on) there.

  • 4077th

    Picture above is a lotus Elise..:-P

  • cows4me

    How’s gayguy going to get in one of those with a wedding dress on?